Designer Apartment With Pink Accents – By Disaster To Audacity

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designer apartment with pink accents pillows and spherical pendant lamp

Designer apartment with pink accents – by disaster to audacity

Some people paint visible art. Andre Cook edible art. Many more take up art. Fawn Galli creates livable art. And that is the definition of pink.

A 240 square meters apartment, where lie the kitchen, dining room and living room together in an open space, was one of the unfriendly, the designer has ever seen. For them, this was a perfect opportunity for a lesson about the pink color.

The designer Fawn Galli – famous agreed magazine and other publications – their contribution for Domino, to confront, to bring sparkle and zest for life in this apartment. The new owner Rebecca says that her taste is quite different compared to the taste of the former owner.

Maybe Rebecca but had no idea how much confidence in this recovery of the apartment and the designer is even necessary at the beginning.

Gold gloss and pink on the Brown couch

designer apartment with pink accents contrast with shiny gold cushions and brown sofa

Look at this new design. In a brown area there is a pink table – earlier we have kept Rosa for a female color, but here she all of a sudden go with everything. This is however not a Tutu, no chewing gum. This is a pink, which melts in your mouth, delicious, endless aftertaste, why you want to invite all friends, so a pink. Entertain, hosts, playing live. It all happens here in a magical world: Rosa.

We hereby introduce Fawn Galli.

Question: In terms of taste, how much of our personality should we observe, if we follow the advice to try out new things?

It is important to stay with the popular stuff. If you integrated accents out of his comfort zone, then you can his design horizons expand. I like to use neutral colours for sofas, carpets, etc. and spring Mint and peach add cushions and seat cover. They are easily replaceable and the shades are alive to the Brown, beige and grey.

Question: How can be the change by colors of girly or teen to a cool person?

The traditionally girly or youthful colors can implement this change with their benefit in wallpaper with refined and charming Motiven.Bei modern furniture Pink is also not girlish, but cool.

Question: in the application of similar colour and fabric concepts in an open space for several features, as the separation should be?

The carpets are a mild way to seperate the corners for the individual functions. It is important to draw a red thread through the whole room. Could be a pillow in the same color all over the room. If pieces of furniture of different styles, but with same Windows in the room are available, this is for our senses in order.

The flowers are pink

designer apartment with pink accents shading the wardrobe

An eclectic variety of shapes and colors

designer apartment with pink accents great sofa with fancy chairs

Question: Of course, when it comes to good concepts, we consider colors and sizes. How can we make our own original corners with unexpected concepts?

Paper wall-paper on a wall of focus is a brave position. A three-dimensional result, invite generous wallpapers you want.

An issued collection on a shelf brings soul in a space. The best way to be good is to be original and to express it in the living room.

Beautiful upholstered armchairdesigner apartment with pink accents beautiful armchairs

Ball hanging lamp with a reflective surface

designer apartment with pink accents a variety of photos of shiny ball

Curtains in black and white with peacock feathers

designer apartment with pink accents curtains with Peacock feather pattern

Question: There is nothing more beautiful than a room, inspired by a magazine. Actually, we live but in functional rooms, not send images. How can we enforce that in life?

A piece of metal furniture, shiny wallpaper, silver pillows are always the way to shine, without having to forego or damage the functionality and convenience. Upholstery of a Chair in the lush mohair helps have also luxury and comfort. At the end of the room be comfortable, not only as a show room look. The important point here is the balance to find. If every thing is wow, then you get a boring effect and then you need to redesign your room for years not. He is determined long time anyway you like!

Metallicfarbene art

designer apartment with pink accents of metallic lustre decoration

Narrow staircase and unique mirror in the hallway

designer apartment with pink accents wooden railings tiny Penguin pattern to send cusps

designer apartment with pink accents great higher black white with penguins

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