Designer Carpet By Marc Janssen – A Great Solution Of Covers Modern Home

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designer carpet Marc Janssen ice international

Do you want to buy a designer carpet? Draw inspiration from the design of the Marc Janssen

Wouldn’t, the element of “Carpet” is known by many designers as a fifth wall. Today, it’s about a fire, which created a work of art. If you want to soon buy a new carpet for your home, you would have to use necessarily ICE as a source of inspiration. It’s about a brand for this type of goods, which was founded by Frits Janssen. His work was continued by his son, Marc Janssen.

The chic rug pattern writes wonderfully in the modern ambience

designer carpets ice international fresh pattern

The history of the ICE carpets

If you buy an ICE carpeted, invest certainly in sustainability. This is another important reason to choose just this brand. It all started some decades ago in Utrecht. There they built a unbeatable image by producing the highest quality. But the time in which it has created solid connections with carpet manufacturers from Nepal and India is of particularly great importance. The tradition of cooperation continues to this day. To promote through the production still the people and their development there.

More about Marc Janssen

To understand exactly what did Marc Janssen from the family business, you would have to just explore his curriculum vitae. He studied for four years in a business school and then four years at Procter & gamble. After that, he decided to take over the family business. This seems the right way to be. It comes easily to this conclusion, when looking at, how fast and generous he was rewarded by the fate.

Marc Janssen

designer carpets Marc Janssen low country

First, he got a super offer seven years ago at a trade fair in Dubai. Also shortly thereafter began his partnership with Yabu Pushelberg. This happened on Maison et objet. They were also the two enormous steps to the realization by the success of the ICE brand.

The carpets

Why would people buy carpets actually just ICE? What is their unique character and charm? Can give us the answer to several great examples. The ombre look super modern carpets are unique. What is special here is that you can a current vision with classic, raised to mate acting techniques. Such kind of carpets flame were applied in Fairmont towers in Baku in the Interior. The process begins with a design on the computer-generated and executed entirely by hand. Similar transition of nuances, which was precisely planned, is also in the most other works.

Fresh patterns, which will every room

designer carpets Marc Janssen Muster

An attractive oval rug

designer carpet ice international elegant oval

Carpet pattern in natural colours

designer carpet natural Marc Janssen

A beautiful carpet in the ombre style

designer carpet Marc Janssen Ombre style

Accents by the carpet

designer carpets Marc Janssen modernity

Care & fair

Care & fair, the project is the Janssen family, which proves that the beauty of the products never excludes the sustainability. Frits Janssen is the founder and the initiative was launched in 1994. It’s a Foundation, which takes care of the health care, education and promoting women’s rights. Here, we should do not consider this as a donation… Without the use of the ideas and the talent of the partner from Nepal, the Janssen success would not be possible.

Under the different patterns can be found something for any environment

designer carpets Marc Janssen ice international

A designer carpet brings always a fresh flair in the atmosphere

designer carpet Marc Janssen colored round

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