Designer Lamps Appear As A Great Decoration In The Room

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pendant luminaires designer lamps of Anna Farkas

Beautiful designer lamps are unique accessories at home

If you want to change the interior design at home a bit and accumulate, you can do it with the use of accessories. How do I search out the right accessories? They should well subscribe to the General style and look. Here is a tip from me, Designer lamps can come as beautiful accessories, which carry out also a practical function. Here, I have chosen a couple of designers whose lighting leaves a memorable trace in the House.

World famous designer lighting

designer lamps summer inspiration Tobyhouse

André Hnatojko pendant lights

André Hnatojko designer lamps

Dramatic and elegant

designer lamps Andre Hnatojko

Made of aluminium and PVC

white pendant aluminum PVC

André Hnatojko is an award-winning Melbourne Designer, whose colored lighting Nachhaltigkiet combined with trend, simplicity and elegance. He has a natural charm which compels him to experiment, inventing and creating.

Innovative design ideas – pendants from wood – March designs

designer lamps of March designs

A further design company out of Australia is founded by Coco Reynolds, March designs. Her unique and UNI-cross style scored to put together trade and industry.

Erich Ginder Studio projects

designer lamps Erich Ginder

Black elegance

Erich Ginder Studio pendant lights

The next designer lamps see the trade mark Erich Ginder.  The designer, who has positioned his studio in Seattle, was inspired by different styles from the beginning of his art career until modern times. Since 2011, Erich Ginder works together with WEB – and Interiordesignern and produces unique, modern lamps.

Flaco design

Designer lamps Flaco design

Flaco Design was founded by DJ Casper Madsen. This music fan his lamp love has turned into an art. Today, it produces lighting, which is inspired by the music, nature, and life.

Zia – Priven designer lamps

designer lamps Zia-Priven


Marrakech pendant lights designer lamps

The Zia-Priven design team was the pair Marcia Zia and Paul Priven founded. Inspired by the dramatic effect of the lighting and deeply impressed, that works few over 10 years and created products, known under the nickname – Zia-Priven unique lighting. Their popular material is metal, which they turn into stunning lighting.

Sylvie Meuffels lighting

designer lamps of Sylvie Meuffels

Sylvie Meuffels, published award-winning designer of the successful JSPR collections with a magnificent innovation in the lighting – diamonds.

Samuel Bernier art

modern designer lamps black Samuel Bernier

Samuel Bernier is an industrial designer from Australia. His works are exclusively innovative and modern.

David Derksen – lights

designer lamps David Derksen

Chic design

David Derksen design pendant lights

Unforgettable designer lamps

David Derksen design pendant lights

David Derksen Designer Studio is located in Rotterdam. He focuses on the material and presents its unique beauty.

Tom Dixon design ideas for lighting

designer Interior Exterior Tom Dixon lamps

Bronze copper – lamp

Tom Dixon copper lamp

Geometric pendant

mathematics inspired geometric pendant light Tom Dixon

Inspired by the mathematics

mathematics inspired Tom Dixon

Sculpture resembling

sculpture Tom Dixon pendant

Mirror balls

mirror balls Tom Dixon

The English Designfirma Tom Dixon was founded in 2002. The now world-famous company sells its products in over 60 countries. Their inspiration comes from the national heritage of England.

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