Designer Lamps Combine Light And Plants In One To Fall In Love

Editor   March 15, 2016   Comments Off on Designer Lamps Combine Light And Plants In One To Fall In Love

Cool designer lamps by Studio we love Eames

Always something has been light, what you not do without. That’s why is so much on the lighting in the modern home. This is just the reason why designers creating lamps into ever stranger shapes. The modern lamps attract the attention, arouse interest and stimulate the imagination of the house owner. Lamps have several functions, and designer lamps have the minor but important task only extravagant to work. Some have even functional application in the interior design. Just like the case with the Designer lamps is, which we want to present you today: the lamps by Studio we love Eames. Here they come…

Designer lighting – Beeinduckende pendant luminaires with plants

designerlampen studio we love eames hanging lamps

Plants play a huge role in our modern everyday life, which increases considerably with time. In our urban environment one yearns more and more, to establish a genuine contact with nature; at any time, anywhere. The interior design is heavily influenced by this quest. You tried to introduce a fresh touch there, where it is possible.

And make it very clear. These cool Designer lamps prove it: combine light and plants in a closed system and therefore represent an admirable whole.

Is that designer lamps – a lamp or a flower posts?

designerlampen studio we love eames pendant lamp

The usual conditions for the flourishing of plants in an enclosed space are careful care and a lot of natural light. So the designers of the Studio We Love Eames decided to create this unique lamps. They allow plants in a room to maintain, where there are no Windows and where no light can penetrate. How just hotels and restaurants present such premises. These plants need no human care, such as ventilation and watering. The light in this exuberant light is based on the mix of the LED light and sunlight. In this way, the process of photosynthesis is carried out in the system.

This cool floor lamp with plant also serves as a decoration

designerlampen studio we love eames floor lamp

These lamps represent a completely closed eco-system, where all relish for years the plants can thrive. The floor lamp is a new type of electrical conductive layer of glass, so that the electricity flows invisibly through the surface. A cable is no longer needed from the power source to the LED Licht. This technological innovation represents absolutely new possibilities in the nursery. And looks fascinating, isn’t it?

How did the idea for this unique lamp come?

designerlampen studio we love eames discovery drawing

How the glass layer

designer lighting studio we love eames production

And so it goes…

designer lighting studio we love eames process image

At the end of the production process…

designer lighting studio we love eames made

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