DIY Furniture And Home Accessories From Wooden Blocks

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DIY furniture log roll Sidetable Etsy

DIY furniture for the special flavor

Do you think that modern design really has something to do with nature? Then you think again. Today, we show you exactly the opposite. Dealing with furniture and accessories made of natural wood — especially with wooden blocks in our stylish DIY. In this way, you can run at the same time natural warmth in your interior and acting sustainably. It is a Upcycling of kind of and repurpose items unusable at first glance. Long after the cases of tree is still useful and presented us with its stability and connects us with the power of nature.

Look at how many you have to convert wooden blocks into beautiful furniture and other living items.

Bringing nature home

DIY furniture wooden doorway trolleys of serenity stumps

The following clever idea comes from Hilla Shamiadesigner working in Israel. It combines the gloss of aluminium and the warmth of wood in exceptional pieces of furniture that fall perfectly in the modern interior in a very original way. You have a sophisticated, rectangular profile and fit just perfectly to every furnishing style. Don’t you think?

Aluminium meets natural wood

DIY furniture natural wood aluminum

This rocking horse from a block of wood is also one of the creations of Hilla Shamia

DIY furniture wooden block rocking horse Hilla Shamia

The rustic-style vase and the Lantern below designed Trine Andersen by the designer. Here, you can just feel the Scandinavian influence. There is a ceramic Cup that protects the wood from the water in the vase. Each piece is unique in its form, as well as the flowers that you will insert into it. The creations by Trine Andersen are very nice at the window or on the coffee table in the living room. The choice is completely up to you.

The designer has intentionally keep the bark of the tree, to achieve a greater effect

DIY furniture wooden block wood vase Lantern

If you want to give your home a mystical atmosphere, the next idea is the right choice for you. The Designer Studio Straight Line Designs in Vancouver has designed this unique, luminous tree stumps. It’s here to pine wooden blocks, which are long with fluorescent lights are and were coated with Plexiglas on top of it. Especially fascinating look at night in the garden or on the balcony.

The illuminated stools by straight line designs

DIY furniture log stool brilliant

And if you need to disconnect from a tree, then you’re not too sad. The Design Studio Steve Westlake interior design has a sophisticated solution for you. Cut the tree trunk into thin slices and pave the walkways in your garden so that. As part of your tree will be next to you. Its annual rings and any optical flaws in the wood will tell his story you. Are you enthusiastic?

The cracks and the inequalities of the wood speak for the existence of fights in the nature

DIY furniture log natural wood trunk slices Garden Avenue

Elegant coffee table with metal legs

DIY furniture log tree trunk washer metal legs

Sturdy and stylish at the same time

DIY furniture log tree stump wood coffee table

Comfortable lounge with wooden blocks

DIY furniture wooden doorway Sun natural look

Flower of a special kind

DIY furniture wooden doorway natural wood flower stand

Natural wood for your home office

DIY furniture wooden doorway Desk Office

Clever DIY idea

DIY furniture wooden block metal frame stool Chair

Comfortable seating area in the garden

DIY furniture log table stool seating