Dream Home That Is Not A Financial Bomb In The Budget

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dream home container night

Dream home of containers? Optimised construction and housing

Living changed greatly over time its meaning. It’s not only easy to have accommodation. You want to build a dream home and enjoy life in this.

On the other hand, the trend to live, more fuel efficient is getting stronger. The number of the inhabitants of our planet is constantly growing. Age differences are much important, because people live longer. All of these factors cause that people change their philosophy of life. The non-conformity is increasing in the mindset of society.

Dream homes are possible and without lifetime credits

dream home container very modern

As a holiday home or garden is a living container

dream home container oblique

Increasingly, we are influenced as individuals by the opinion of the masses. We identify less with institutions or specific social groups.

Non-conformism influenced also the manner, how we perceive the home as such. The performances vary from dream houses. They are more and more often from the most unusual materials and created with original floor plans. Today, we show you some very forward-looking building. The architects used again container for their construction.

The gazebo was yesterday. Long live the living containers!

dream home container frontal yellow

Living in the container is safe, easy and cheap

dream home container roof terrace

As a Haupwohntsitz, or as a complement to the garden

Most of the time to build small houses from containers. They are suitable for places in the country to which you so often stay. You could also serve as a garden shed, which you use in addition to the main residence.

However, you could build even larger, so real dream homes from containers. The principles are the same for large and small constructions, only the dimensions differ from each other.

The containers can be stacked very handy

dream home container mini

The dream house of the pure individualist

dream home container inside

Modern guest house

Do you have a great garden? Maybe do you offer then more than a room your guests? Such a container would make for a few thousand euros.

This would have forced industrially on the basis of the materials. Make the best of it and provide for a very modern look. Many of the garden – and guesthouses from containers are painted in blue or green. They look attractive and contemporary and write at the same time, ideally in the environment. You can usually add a glass facade and a small veranda. Pimp this through Flash accents in the form of modern furniture on.

The colourful “facades” bring mood in the whole idea of living

dream home container Blau

The containers are rightly called dream homes

dream home of container round window

Garish color combinations make especially comfortable accommodation of such guesthouses.

Adam Kalkin shows how to build a dream home out of containers

From containers, larger projects can be realized in addition to guests – and garden houses. The architect Adam illustrates this Kalkin.

You can take your home almost everywhere with it

dream home container Orange

Contemporary architects design new housing options,

dream home container project

He has built his own home in containers. The construction is huge. She brings in a house in a larger. The idea for outside and inside will disappear thanks to the transparent sliding doors. The habitable Interior contributes to this impression.

Most visitors experience some confusion and probably a matter of course. Everything isn’t looks but quite comfortable? It could become a dream home, don’t you find?

they are surprisingly aesthetic and comfortable

dream home container frontal

A (off) construction planning would be useful on any case for cost reasons and organizational

dream home container Interior planning

Dream homes could be a possible model for the future of architecture from containers.

In addition to Adam other architects have designed in the last few years many projects from containers Kalkin. Marcio Kogan from Brazil has created beautiful colourful buildings. The Starbucks-chain built the original stores in containers according to this principle. More residential projects of this kind have been implemented by Frenchman Patrick Partouche.

More and more Frenchise-companies use the original and optimized modular system

dream home container architecture

A world famous Cafe chain benefited from the advantages of container

dream home of container Stabucks

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