Dressing Room Set Up – The Elegant Addition To Your Home

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dressing room set up a dressing room fitted mirror wall dressing table

Set up the dressing room – tips and tricks

It is mainly a luxury if you have a dressing room. Seems to have an organization space, isn’t it a dream to be? If you, the reality allows such a room, you probably have no more patience, beautiful, modern and comfortable design. Learn a few tips as you can your lovely dressing room set up .

Better organize your clothes and shoes

dressing room set up a dressing room black shoe shelves shoes

Yellow stool as an eye-catcher in the dressing room

dressing room set up walk-in closet white shoe shelves of yellow stool

The top two photos illustrate the way how you can organize many stylish shoes. Women buy more shoes, shoes and more shoes. And what if you have a well organized shelving system, which can accommodate all of your shoes. Thus you have the possibility to keep faster to choose a suitable couple just before the eye further.

Seat upholstered with buttons

dressing room set up a dressing room bench seat padding with buttons

No matter, whether you are try clothes, shoes or accessories, it is always better if you have a bench nearby. Find great this padded seat with buttons?

Set dressing room – Victorian style

dressing room set up dressing area seat Victorian style

The Seatster furnished in Victorian style is an elegant Designer work. The wardrobe is built and forms a mirror wall. White is the color of luxury, but also the refinement.

Built-in wardrobe made of wood

dressing room set up built-in wardrobe wood

Do you prefer the simplicity? Then make a simple organization room with built-in furniture made of wood. Accessories can fall away in this case.

Walk-in wardrobe with sliding doors

dressing room set up wardrobe dressing table stool

On the picture above, we enjoy a large, inviting dressing room. The walk-in wardrobe has a smart organization system for shoes, clothes, bags and accessories. A white dressing table with a large mirror gives pleasure and looks very elegant.

Chair and wallpaper in green

dressing room set up modern stylish green furniture

You can play with the colors and make a fresh mix. The wallpaper with floral pattern was chosen in green and beautifully combined with the two chairs in green.

Luxury flooring

dressing room set beautiful floor chandelier

The luxury dressing room in oval shape has a stunning flooring. Black and white marble in geometric figures looks classy and sophisticated.

Great table in black and white

interior design dressing room black white

Modern interior design ideas in the dressing room

Interior dressing room set up built-in wardrobe chandelier

This large table in the Centre of the room will be very helpful. He has much storage space and also appears as a modern piece of furniture of the Ankleidezimmers.

Comfortable seat in oval shape

interior design dressing room set up a dressing room bench

Funny wallpaper with gold chandelier

interior design dressing room set up coloured wall decoration

Pink adventure

interior design dressing room set pink

Rich colors such as this pink have a magical power and conjure up atmosphere and comfort.

Carpet with zigzag pattern

interior design dressing room set up carpet zigzag patterns mirror

Decorative accents in gold

luxury dressing room set up built-in wardrobe mirror chandelier

Gold is undisputed for luxury. If you are ambitious by nature, you put more decorative accents in gold.

Stunning, male dressing room with glass bottom

male dressing room set dark wood

The businessman has many ties

male dressing room set up wooden furniture

Above you will find a good suggestion for the businessmen. All the ties seem to be beautiful and well organized.

If you find our ideas practical and helpful, you get inspiration… You can set up yourself your dressing room!

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