Elastic Living: Pull-out Shelves Hiding Modular Rooms

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pull-out shelves hiding playful modular room

Elastic living: pull-out shelves hide Modular rooms

Is it really useful to make a relatively large portion of your living space for a single purpose, and to use him briefly every day? And if you could simply turn off this functionality? “Elastic living” from the Italian furniture manufacturer CLÊI enable with pull-out shelves for different purposes, which can be filed if necessary.

The unnecessary modules fit together in a large rectangular box

pull-out shelves hiding modular room

Do you need the kitchen already? You pull them out, Cook and then slide it back. The same is true for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, Home Office, gym and plenty of closet space. Wall shelves inspired by the library, the series includes seven different room functions that can be easily cleared away. This series is suitable for open space rooms, as for example in lofts or storage, and would be not so practical for a House that has been separate rooms.

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CLEI is known with their practical furniture, which have several functions for small spaces

pull-out shelves hiding Modular rooms stained

Bathroom and WC

pull-out shelves hiding modular room colorful ideatrim – colorful decoration pull-out shelves hiding modular room design pantry and built-in kitchen appliancespull-out shelves hiding Modular rooms functionalseating area the Homfeoffice area oppositepull-out shelves hiding Modular rooms modern

Home Office – open shelves and writing surface

pull-out shelves hiding modular room Home Officecompact kitchen – worktop and built-in wardrobes with sliding doorspull-out shelves hiding Modular rooms kitchen cooker

Concept of the design

pull-out shelves hiding modular room concept

Design of the whole project

pull-out shelves hiding modular room designSource: Calories calculator

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