Empire Style – Chic Furniture And Fine Interior Design Ideas

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The Empire style in interior design

The Empire style originated in France in the 19th century. This is the time in which Napoleon there was. You can see this style as a late phase of neo-classicism. The admiration of the size of the Emperor is based on him. Hence comes the name.

The combination of several different elements is characteristic of the style. The way in which they have been mixed, has very much to do with the personal taste of the Napoleon.

Beautiful interior design ideas in the Empire style

empire style of mobel innendesign ideas white gold

First, he loved the ancient art and the ideology of the Roman ruler found inspiring. Therefore, also the many similarities with Roman-style experience.

At the same time, the Emperor carried out many wars around the world, in Africa. He arrived with the Egyptian culture in contact.

Many motifs and elements of this are in the Empire style also.

The main features of the Empire style at a glance

empire style pattern tiles red ceiling

The Empire style be sure some supercilious in the own character must wear. He is pompous, festive, raised. The colors are very striking, the materials – is magnificently. In the details, there are always very much formality. It is clearly not a style that you could emulate so easily at home.

You can see him more in the offices of official personalities and very rich people.

If you sign up for the Empire style home, decide he must be then just perfectly executed. Otherwise you could embarrass violently.

Surrounded by luxury

empire style interior design ideas chandelier

This is perhaps one of the few styles, which uses a Flash color as background. That’s red, and even concrete – very often purple. Richly contrasting or also saturated shades complement that color. That are blue, green, purple, black, gold, yellow. They dominate in the room and highlight the festive character of the ambience.

Colors in this style

empire style pattern tiles red

Bathroom with red accents

empire style pattern tiles red bathroom

The colors are one of the methods by which wealth and income are expressing. They are a Visual representation of the flowering period in which Napoleon believed to live.

The matters in the Empire style have a very high quality and they look expensive, but most of the time also. The most commonly used are marble, wood, gold, gemstones and silk. The ground is in this style have made of natural stone, and covered with textiles, silk in itself.

You can use contemporary materials in the form of wallpaper. The tapestries are another alternative.

The ceiling is smooth and has a bright shade. The ceiling lighting is quite suitable.

Materials and surface processing

empire style bathroom freestanding bathtub

The massive dark wood furnishings are most suitable for the furniture. All kinds of red wood, teak and Walnut fit wonderfully. The surface is polished and it is fitted with many decorative details and reliefs. You mimic often architectural elements such as columns and cornices.

So the furniture meet the Royal character of the style, they should be drawn up by hand. You are always so individual as there is also a Royal room.

Empire furniture for the living room

empire style living room tiles flooring Furniture

For the padding to use only fine textiles. These are for example leather, silk, and other high-quality materials. The furniture are decorated with gold and bronze.

The furniture in the Empire style very many be alone by the number. This is another reason why this style in modern life is poorly inscribed. This is rather dominated by minimalism.

You must together make up a festive and theatrical scenario. You can say that this style has an aesthetic and less functional and comfortable claim.

The gold-colored accents make this bathroom especially chic look

empire style tile pattern bathroom freestanding bathtub

The decoration

The decoration has the function, particularly to emphasize the character of the Empire style. Military motifs are typical. Similar motifs from the Egyptian and ancient Greek culture are also integrated.

The idea of living in the Empire style could be difficult for an average apartment. They are intended for luxury ambience. But even then you must work with a very good designer. Otherwise, everything can be suddenly cheap and cheesy.

Free-standing bathtub in the bathroom

empire style bathroom tiles freestanding bathtub

Valuable wood furniture with classic design

empire style interior design ideas innendesign ideas holzmobel

Chic home accessories in gold

empire style gold accessories innendesign ideas holzmobelempire style innendesign ideas accessories golden chandelierempire style innendesign ideas leather wood Chair

Living like a Queen

empire style innendesign ideas Chair mirror cosmetic Cabinet

Sumptuously decorated

empire style innendesign great wall decoration ideas

Small grandfather clock and candle holders made of black marble and brass

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