English Country House Style – Key Features And Practical Tips

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Good upbringing and aristocratic style English style interior design

When we talk about ethnic styles in interior design, is often something exotic. Actually, certainly also the national styles, about the English – can be counted.

He, too, is spread around the world as the British culture. The English style is characterized by the own tradition on the island, but also carries trains from all cultures, with which he came during the colonization of in touch. Of the forms here, he wears the trains of many art historical epochs. But the English style shows these things in their own way. He is very high, sometimes even arrogant and reserved at the same time.

A typical Interior in the English country house style

The previous description is quite common, and we want to mess with it. With all the extensive influences and interfaces of the English style with others, which is entirely possible. Here is a description of a typical space, which was carried out in the English style. We have a Chesterfield Sofa, a fireplace, book library, rich nuances on the walls, furniture of dark wood, fabric and wallpaper with floral patterns. You have the perfect mood to retire and thinking about intellectual topics, such as history, culture and philosophy.

English country house style is simply pure coziness

English country-style dining room fireplace set round dining table Dresser

Comfort in the English country house style

The English style is comfortable, but on a very own manner. This adheres to the standards of good education, respect and conservatism. It must remain at all no doubt about good taste.

The colors in the English style

English-style using mainly very dark colors and the natural nuances prevail.

Brown, ochre, red, Terra cotta, dark green, gold, Emerald are typical. The pastel and muted shades continue to be suitable: beige, milk, white. It is important to combine a light background with dark furniture. It happens often, but the wrong combination is also possible. Plaid pattern, strokes and floral patterns are also quite attached.

Materials in the English country house style

The wood also plays the leading role in the furniture as in the most luxurious styles. You be made from oak, also dark walnut and red wood. You can use wood panels for the wall design, and at the bottom you can ideally choose ceramic tiles with an imitation of natural materials. With these, you can make all of the rooms, including the bathroom and the toilet. This is of great advantage if you want to achieve a uniform appearance.

Make your bathroom home English

set English country style bathroom marble wood built-in bath

The English style is inconceivable without the wallpaper with a magnificent surface in red or green. Among these, the walls are processed with wood. The fine textiles, which are used for decoration include velvet, silk, wool, cotton and linen. Natural leather is used for the furniture Panel.

Furniture in the English country house style

The furniture must be very restrained and classic. They are soft and comfortable, made from expensive materials. To use high-quality leather and other materials of the best quality to dress her. The number of furniture, including the little such – like stool and side table should be greater. Off rather see in the design by the typical minimalist tendency. You should feel more or less, that the space is blocked.

Timeless comfort just in time for tea time

English cottage-style living room set up holzmobel polstermobel sofa coffee table

The lighting

The lighting is more subdued in the English style. Curtains and other locks you hold from the strong influence of light in the Interior. The artificial lighting is very important. She comes from chandeliers and several side – and wall-mounted luminaires. You have both a decorative and a functional value.

Decoration in the English country house style

The fireplace is the most important decorative element in the English style. He is using here especially the natural stone materials elaborately dressed. The accompanying attributes play an important role – they should be visible and also have a decorative value. For the individualization of the area, and also around the family tradition to continue, using family photos, porcelain and Crystal sculptures, misdemeanors in the decoration.

The paintings on the walls are mostly watercolour and oil.

There is a very strict rule for the use of the tapestries. You will find the expensive in simple and the less expensive in gilt frames. The decoration of textile is of particular importance for the English style. The floors are covered with carpets in rich colors. On the seating furniture, you will find velvet cushion. The curtains are decorated with tassels. The objects, which are typical of the hunting, also of importance are for decoration.

Metal furniture with curved elements and crystal chandelier

English country-style bedroom metal sofa closet floor lamp

Why does the English style as current today?

A legitimate question would be, why a so complex, historical, and from today’s perspective so impractical style remains still up-to-date?

The English style is especially popular in the upscale area, and among the people, who place a high value on history and tradition. You want to stand out from the “crowd”. Certain items and home furnishing ideas are also very helpful when we move into a historic house, like his interior design and this would like to keep.

What we can learn from the English-style for an any interior design is how we make a room elegant and restrained.

A modern interpretation of the English establishment style

English country house style chesterfield sofas leather know shaggy carpet grey chandelier

Pattern wallpaper are very significant for this style

English country-style bedroom set up holzmobel pattern wallpaper bedside table chest of drawers

Especially men maintain their work room English style to set up

English cottage-style study room home office desk wood armchair high pile carpet

The bath in the English style, reinterpreted

English country style bathroom set badezimmermobel wood floor tiles

English country style bathroom set gold luxury bathroom wall tiles

English cottage-style bathroom facilities-striped wall tiles bathtub

English country style bathroom living ideas wall tiles crystal chandelier basin krallenfus bathtub

Even of the floor and the staircase are much superior

English country house style floor set up wooden stairs wood carvings

English country house style hallway staircase wood metal chandelier

Pastel colors and white for the nursery

English cottage-style nursery set Cot of deep pile carpet Dresser

A rustic kitchen stimulates appetite

English country-style dining room of cake Setup holzstuhle dining table

English cottage-style cake creation-rustic living style round dining table wise chairs

Shabby Chic English country house style often go hand in hand

country-style metal bed lace bettwasche dining table rustic chairs chandelier

English cottage-style living room ideas Chair rattan chest of drawers bedside table

Crystal and wrought iron may be missed of course

vintage English country style table decoration tableware wall mirror crystal chandelier English cottage-style living room ideas wrought iron white sofa coffee table

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