Establish Floor – 33 Stylish Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Establish floor – modern interior design trends in the hallway

A few home owners can say that they have a large hallway. That may not sound but as an excuse, that it neglected the establishment of corridor. The modern trends are there to make the best out of such a small setting.

It is still mandatory that the corridor as a kind of calling card is used and a proper first impression from the apartment.

The floor plan

The most corridors show an elongated rectangular floor plan. These are usually too narrow to place larger pieces of furniture there. You must be really smart and creative so that they accommodate everything you need. While some rules of thumb that are proven in practice come to help. Here they are:


No matter what style, the apartment is furnished, should work the best minimalist hallway. So that it harmonizes well with the rest of the House, you can introduce several great decorative elements.

Minimalist should be mainly the outer appearance. The free-standing coat hangers are not really currently currently. You should be hidden better behind screens or built-in wardrobes.

Hall set up in the minimalist style

hallway minimalist furnishing ideas trends dekoartikel statues mirror set up Dresser

Avoid the use of wide furniture

Although it sure go for, that all shoes and clothes in the hallway are hidden, you should not necessarily be set to to ready furniture. These visually shrink the space even more and make him look very bleak. Better sit on built-in closets, which show a width of not more than 50 cm.

Distribute the furniture properly

Also the built-in furniture should be as convenient, we do not recommend you to cover an entire wall so. Even if you use a mirror, the corridor that will be much too narrow. Two-thirds of a wall are a sufficient area for wall wardrobe in the hallway. You can store but ultimately somewhere else the shoes and clothes, if you are not used in the actual season.

In any case, leave room for a dresser with mirror. The best they should have some drawers, where to stow small items that you often need before leaving the Hall.

You might now know that the mirror to the door must look according to the Feng Shui rules?

Subtle wallpaper give the floor more livability

floor set up interior design ideas wall decoration floor Chair Dresser

The mirror

We have mentioned this already several times the mirror. But you deserve a special attention. Mirrors and mirror surfaces are obligatory part of the hallway furniture in modern style. You have a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, these items are a great way to bring their own individuality in the floor design.

So a small space with so much meaning – that is the modern hallway! There is much more that you could write about it but! Find additional information on this subject in the second part of our article.

Provide more optical distance and perspective through photo wallpapers or wall mirror

floor set up minimalist furnishing ideas decoration trends photo wallpaper wall mirror

Retro look also very nice wallpaper or carpet runners in the hallway

floor set up interior design ideas-pattern wallpaper wall decoration carpet Dresser

Mirror surfaces and the right lighting

floor set up interior design ideas Ottoman stool mirror walls wardrobe Dresser

Table lamps and decorative vases are also no bad ideas

floor set up interior design ideas flooring laminate dekovasen pendant light cantilever

Combine different textures of wood and combines

set floor drawers storage baskets wardrobe

Do you prefer it rather neutral or colour?

hallway carpet runner purple wardrobe interior design ideas set bench wall mirror

Arched entrances provide romance and coziness

set floor furnishing ideas trends carpets flooring wood pictures

For real minimalists

hallway furnishing ideas trends set black white high on Edwards

If you like it more playful

create patterned wallpaper wall decoration interior design ideas flooring carpet laminate

floor set up interior design ideas wandregele around images wall sconces

hallway of furnishing ideas wallpaper Dresser table

set up interior design ideas wallpaper retired statue deer carpet Butterfly

floor set up interior design ideas flooring tiles cloakroom wall shelf bench

floor set up interior design ideas flooring granite floor tiles Dresser table wall mirrors shine

floor set up interior design ideas laminate parquet windowsill

floor set up floor tiles wall shelf

floor set up interior design ideas floor tiles parquet bench

hallway set up interior design ideas ethno carpet parquet chandelier Wall shelves sofa cushion drawers

floor set up interior design ideas pictures images wall decoration

corridor set up interior design ideas Dresser table Chair light floor tiles spiral staircase

floor set up interior design ideas laminate floor tiles checkmate pattern Dresser mirror set up floor parquet laminate pattern carpet retro set Dresser

set carpet floor Dresser mirror table lamp

fleinrichten interior design ideas trend blue wall color laminate bright wood wardrobe

floor set up interior design ideas floor tiles parquet cloakroom wall shelf

set up interior design ideas trend bricks wall wall mirror design

floor set up mural wall wallpaper wardrobe of dekoartikel vases

hallway furnishing ideas wardrobe desk cabinets pendant lamp

hallway furnishing ideas set street light occasional table wardrobe

floor white furniture set up interior design ideas Wall shelves wardrobe drawers