Establish Small Apartment: Clever Decorating Tips

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Small apartment set up and visually enlarge

What is your dream home? Certainly not small, or? None wants to be in a tiny city apartment “squeeze”, but the real situation in the city. Sacrificing a few square meters to be able to afford the rent, or maybe something closer to live downtown. That doesn’t mean that you should reconcile themselves with the situation and renounce your dream apartment. You should look at the situation from a different angle. Discover the benefits of the small apartment and learn how to appropriately can set them, to visually enlarge them.

We have a few useful tips and an inspiring example for you. Stick with it,…

The advantages of the small apartment

set small apartment ideas seat cushions make relaxation corner

The images below represent an apartment which covers less than 50 m ². Here lives a young couple that places determined emphasis on comfort and individuality.

You need space for a cozy corner for two. The smaller, the more romantic, even one would say.

Here, the height of the narrow room was used to make a window bench with built-in bookcase gently.

Bright and cozy reading corner

set small apartment ideas bank Bookshelf

To add depth to the room, the walls should create clever. Bright wall colors are in this case very fitting, as well as neutral or pastel colors.

Dining area creatively and harmoniously decorated for 2 persons

set small apartment ideas dining room

Take advantage of the room height and play with the proportions. The contrast between the furniture contributes to the optical magnification of this bedroom. The low bed and the ceiling-high shelf make the room appear more spacious. And the hanging pendant lamps emphasize the illusion.

Let your bedroom spacious look

set small apartment ideas bedroom

Order is a very important issue in the small apartment. Provide for a proper look and get rid of all unnecessary items.

On the sideboard, only decorations that fit together will find space

set small apartment ideas bedroom furniture

The white color can be a small kitchen appear larger. In this sense, a white kitchen in high gloss like this below is a decision worthy of consideration.

Small but fine – this applies to this modern kitchen in white

small apartment ideas kitchen and dining area set

Enough room for the dishes and all kitchen utensils

set small apartment ideas kitchen furniture kitchen cabinets small

There’s even space for a small, but chic dressing room in this small apartment. A large mirror, built-in closets and additional storage baskets are perfect enough here.

Walk-in wardrobe

set small apartment ideas corridor

The bathroom is very simple and harmonious. The neutral colors and natural materials let very comfortable bathroom.

Modern bathroom with sleek design

set small apartment ideas bathroom

Actually, a real living room is missing in this apartment, but small cozy living areas are anywhere to be found.

The whole apartment is seen from above

set small apartment ideas flat top

Similar to you can set up also your small apartment and create a cozy home, no matter how much has this square metres of space. You can find more tips and tricks in the Advisor of voucher pony. Let yourself be inspired and feel at home in your home!

Establishment plan – sketch

set small apartment ideas home plan

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