Establishment – Which Style Is Right For Me?

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Establishment – which style is right for me?

No matter whether you take off as a young man from home, want to build a house or just need a change of air: you several times in life before the question are, how to set up your four walls. There are different styles and options. You can find out here what fits best for you.

A small style customer

When you purchase a classic place to rent with conventionally cut rooms, are no limits your imagination. Even easier, it is of course, if you can build and customize your living space to your ideas. Not every style fits to other apartments in turn. But even if you inhabit such – such as a loft or a vintage – you have the option to set up coherent.


This style is characterized by very warm and colorful shades. Create your own small Palace with materials such as clay, copper, Terra cotta or even precious metals. This picture is rounded off by heavy fabrics and ornate carpets.

Mediterranean style establishment which style suits me


Here the basic principle: less is more. Decorative elements play if at all only a very minor role. Functionality and a high-quality processing of modern materials is much more important. While confined to a color and clean lines.

minimalist style establishment which style suits me


If you prefer bigger, aimed in the industrial style a. This rather rough touch is reflected both in the raw materials and the furnishings. Metal, wood, but also bare concrete play an important role. You buy the furniture that you may like to see that they are not the most recent, used in Second-Hand shops.

Industialer style establishment which style suits me

Shabby Chic

In such shops, but also at flea markets, you can cover even with Shabby Chic furniture. It was also with the similarities, because this style is much cosier. Matte shades and natural materials create a relaxing atmosphere. The special trick is the combination of old and new: here everything fits together what you like.

Shabby chic style furnishings which style is right for me

Country house style

If you like slightly rustic and stand on a nature-loving, cozy environment, that’s exactly her style. Antique furniture, decorated with ornate carvings or paintings make their living room in combination with bright colors to a place of peace and relaxation. Floral design and authentic decorative items ideal complete the picture.

country-style establishment which style suits me

Fully In line with country-style

The country house style is most popular at the moment. If you set up your home, create a counterpoint to the prevailing general hustle and bustle. You must not even necessarily rely on antique rustic furniture. These are indeed beautiful to look at, but very limited selection. This is because they are adapted to the requirements of rural life. Beds, cabinets, chairs, tables – much more was not used at that time. Remedy this online stores such as, that specialize in furniture and decorative items in this style. So you can set up with rural flair, without sacrificing modern elements.

You also have the opportunity to make your living room or other rooms to eye-catching. Old agricultural implements, wooden wheels, copper container – anything that has to do with the topic of farm and you like it, is allowed.

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