Eulogy On The Curtains And Blinds

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It’s happened to you, if a designer curtains and Vorhänge speaks, you somehow have the feeling that this happened in a foreign language? There are so many terms which we simply do not understand as a layman.

But hesitate not afraid, they learn to understand, because so you will be able to many modern and great designer solutions.

Curtains and blinds – difference

curtains and curtains living room airy rail

The less formal and easier alternative called “Curtains”. I would call them that in the kitchen and the living room. They are also mostly on window height rather than full length. They are not lined also.

Café curtains

curtains and blinds private staircase

Curtains such as this one are light, airy, informal Café. Only partially cover the window, usually the upper two-thirds. This is the perfect use, if you want something simple. You can allow plenty of light and cover at the same time larger areas.

In the next example, however, we see curtains

Mediterranean dining room curtains and curtains

They span the height of the whole room, formal and however striking. From the inside, they are filled mostly with super lightweight flannel. That makes not only beautiful folds the fabric, but this is also a great insulation if the panels are.

Blinds can be operational so you can open and close. They can be also stationary: in this case they do not move and are just decorative.

Now we enter the world of the top treatment

living room sofa curtains and blinds traditional table lamp

Swags and jabots represent the antithesis of curtains and drapes. You are irrevocably and unquestionably formal. The horizontal portion, which you can see in the upper part, is called “Swag” and the folded part below is the jabot.

Jabot is a term of Schneider, which the folded part is sometimes front on some tops. Often they show contrasting fabrics and it shows especially in the places where you can see the back of the fabric.

Proportions are of fundamental importance in this case.


traditional dining room upholstered furniture leather chair table

These come mainly in use if you want to hide the accessories. They usually freely hang down from a hidden bar and can be flat, collected, slipped, or marked.

Some people use them also for purely decorative purposes, although they really don’t need it.


eclectic living room sofa Ikat pattern cushions, curtains and blinds

The only real difference here is that the cornices are usually hard and often soft. They are usually a padded Board. Sometimes it shows various forms.

If you fell in a very expensive substance, then the cornice can make cheaper its use. Because the fabric is stretched, you can see the entire pattern very well.

The curtains in this case are gathered or wrinkled. There are a number of terms and sub terms of the variants in this respect. However, if you choose a Variant, check also whether it is practical enough.

Striped curtains and blinds

traditional living room Strip black white curtains

There is the so-called tab-top variant in which one attaches the curtain or curtain rod through a loop. If you however want to drag them before the window in different directions, this is not a good choice.

Rod pocket

contemporary bedroom curtains silk bedding

Rod Pocket is another variant, through which you can tie the fabric on the rod. It has bars, through which the rod is performed. Also the curtains hang on this.

There are also a number of fold structures. The curtains all converge at the top on a good clear width. This happens in places where the draping the hardware. Curtains and drapes show a wonderful fullness.

You can mount these hooks, rings, rods or the curtains hidden

Tradiitonell living room curtains and curtains pattern flowers

Connect the curtains to the manual switches. “Beam” means that the curtains around the window can be drawn. Pinch pleats are the most common like this.

Use it together with rings or traverse accessories

curtains and blinds traditional residential ambience

The French version only top attaches

trendy bedroom curtains curtains cushions headboard

The Goblet pleats are one more way

curtains and blinds quality textiles

They will be back in the upper part, brought together, but they are otherwise covered. Here are not the so-called “finger”. Instead, the so called chalices, which are mostly inside filled with raw cotton formed. With linear or plaid fabric that looks particularly good.

There is also the so called box folds

traditional living room window night institution

The appropriate form is concluded at the top. You can different variations, like something caves contribute that all achieve a masculine character.

Above we see Fold in the form of pins

private room curtains curtains textiles

You know where the name comes from, or? It has to do with a series of vertical pencils. The distance between them related to the proper proportions.


rustic bedroom candle holders curtains white

This is a method by which to tie the back of the curtain. It serves different functions. Most of the time, to use them to open the window and to allow more light into the room.

Often the decision for this also with the preference for a style is

children's trendy pink girls curtains

Many people don’t like the just hanging curtains and drapes.

You can also opt for curtains with different length

classic living room chair red velvet carpet curtains

If you select curtains, which should move not back and forth, there are two good options in this regard: ‘Puddle’ and ‘Trouser Break’

transition style living room Curtains blinds beige color

This great, formal cascade panels with the ravishing fabrics on the ground, forming the “puddle”. These would have to be at least 15 centimetres above the ground, could be much longer, depending on the whole is as extravagant.

The next example is for “Trouser Break”

traditional living room Setup curtains pattern effective

See how they fall and spread out on this slightly to the ground. Hardly anything can look worse on a window, as if the curtains are too short.

Ways to arrange the curtains

Mediterranean bedroom furniture classic curtains and curtains

If the curtains or blinds in this manner like here before the window can be dragged, “Puddle” nor “Trouser Break” are correct. Because you want it certainly not that they collect every time the dust from the ground, if the window or make.

The operating panels should give the impression that you touch the ground, but actually they should not do it.

I personally love the variant when the curtains to almost touch the ground

rustic bathroom bath window curtains and curtains

I’m on this concept, except in cases like this, where simply another variation arising from optimal.

Yes, I know: this is no overview of all the possibilities linked to the drapes and curtains. But it is certainly a good starting point. We have advised you on the important points and now it is time, with these in mind to look at different pictures of beautiful curtains.

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