Exclusive Designer Furniture – 19 Super Great Chairs, Tables And Lamps For The Dining Room

exclusive designer furniture B & C design

Exclusive designer furniture for your home

This time we will save the introduction, why we have chosen this topic. Let us together look at these beauties and share a few thoughts about it. Enjoy this exclusive designer furniture!

It has chosen metal and glass fiber for making this great Chair.

The designer is Marcelo Ligieri

exclusive designer furniture Marcelo Ligieri

The second work is by Arne Jacobsen.

It consists of wood and stainless steel

exclusive designer furniture of Arne Jacobsen

Then we have a model which combines tradition and modern swing. Fabric and wood are the materials use.

The designer is Fernando Almeida

exclusive designer furniture Fernando Almeida

From the material, chenille created this beauty from Milan

exclusive designer furniture mainland design

Then follows this stirring to model out of wood and fibre flax

exclusive designer furniture B & C design

Aristeu Pires has created this incredible Anita Chair

exclusive designer furniture Aristeu Pires

Made of fabric and wood, also of Gurizada is Chair of Roque Frizzo

exclusive designer furniture modern design

Fernando Mendes has created this project here.

It’s called re

exclusive designer furniture of Fernando Mendes

Bogotá was created out of wood and fabric.

Elegant, don’t you think?

beautiful designer furniture comfortable stylish

Marcelo Rosenbaum is the author of this creation.

It is called Kene and consists of aluminum and pearls

exclusive designer furniture lamp Marcelo Rosenbaum

The blue Lampshade here consists of glass fiber

designer furniture lamp original blue

Then we see the masterpiece of Andre Cruz.

Innovative design

designer furniture lamp André Cruz

The Brown light here is called Cork and Cork was created from the material.

Very elegant

light Designer light brown elegant

Then we have the romantic model of Orient.

Unusual shape

Designerluchten designer furniture's original light

EOLICA lights up in yellow and white

inspiring designer furniture beautiful lamp

Then we also have a few tables for you.

It has wooden legs and a painted surface here for example

designer furniture designer tables of blue table

The next model has a base made of stainless steel and a MDF surface on top.

Round design

great designer furniture and original designer table

The next piece is made from eucalyptus wood

designer furniture designer table eucalyptus wood

The next and final model has a marquetry on the surface.

An exceptional design

Designermlöbel designer tables unusual design

Ah! So a great grant of creativity has brightens our day! Are you exactly?