Experience A Piece Of Home-like Romantic Penthouse Apartment In The Heart Of Rome

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Have you ever dreamed of being a penthouse apartment?

“Poetic apartment” by architect Carola Vannini is a small, elegant penthouse apartment in Trastevere, a neighbourhood of Rome. In every detail of the interior design, you can feel the ceaseless quest for poetry, which would realize the young architect in every area of life. She has quite a few successful projects behind them, but this has impressed us particularly hard. The apartment is located in an old, typical for this district building and has been thoroughly renovated. The romantic medieval atmosphere has been received but completely and newly interpreted. Vaulted ceiling and arcades in snow white are reminiscent of ancient churches and give the ambiance an about sacred touch. At the same time, the apartment was set up very modern and minimalist. Here real purists will feel very much at home, especially when they are on natural simplicity and self-sufficiency. The whole concept is based on the motto: “Less is more” and creates a seamless, unforced optical and haptic harmony.

The only shades that you discovered in the penthouse apartment, are white, Brown, grey and cream. Supple for the eyes, soothing for the soul. Already, if you over the threshold is, to get into the flow that guides one through the entire living space. The furniture is limited only to a few pieces, but from high-quality materials and with ergonomic design created.

Elegant penthouse apartment in the heart of Rome

penthouse apartment Rome small apartment arcade minimalisitsches innendesign oval dining table

The living room is bright and barrier is separated by sliding doors made of glass from the balcony. Not less comfortable and cheerful also the other living spaces look – bedroom, study room, dining room and kitchen. Invite you to dream, densities, relax and enjoy. Here the poetic soul feels safe and in good hands, supported and understood.

Seamless transition from the living room to the balcony

penthouse apartment set up living room balcony white sofa round metal side tables

It is a penthouse apartment for young and young at heart poet Bohèmen give always a special, poetic interpretation to life. In it, you can really experience the authentic atmosphere of the eternal city and find the ultimate refuge for themselves at the same time. 

Come with on a relaxing tour of the apartment and in these, with romance, dip the soaked oasis of well-being!

A cozy seating area for real bookworms

bookshelves couch laminate white small walls penthouse apartment

Ergonomic Panton chairs support the pleasant work process at home

Panton small penthouse apartment-minimalist innendesign white plastic chairs sofa walls bookshelves

Dreamy moments to enjoy

small penthouse apartment white Pan sound chairs balcony furniture sliding doors

Less often really is!

penthouse apartment set up Rome living room cream round side tables white sofa cushion Brown balcony sliding doors

penthouse apartment living room balcony balcony furniture sliding floor to ceiling window

bookshelves couch white round coffee tables Panton platik Chair living room

laminate walls white bright penthouse apartment minimalist Interior wood

small penthouse apartment Rome white walls beige dining table wood oval table decoration

small kitchen cabinets penthouse apartment white worktop grey laminate penthouse apartment Rome bedroom white minimalist inneneinerichtung walls Wall lamp double circular conversational table

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