Fabulous Stairway Carpets Bring Colour

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staircase stair carpets black white design

Wonderful stair carpets beautify your interior design in the hallway

The wooden stairs are so great, but they are not always practical. If you have kids or dogs up and down running at night on this, then you could use maybe well a carpet. I want to show you a few stair carpets , that are not only functional but absolutely gorgeous.

Are the carpets not your thing? Don’t worry, there’s also something for you!

Rugs with animal prints

There are people who keep the animal pattern for neutral. Actually I belong to. Take colors from nature and bring them together within natural patterns. I find that this creates the ultimate perfect Interior. What do you think of black and white zebra pattern on the wall? That’s great and it works wonderfully with the great patterns on the wall. [according to Kelly Wearstler Design

Her stairwell takes an interesting stair runners

fairytale staircase carpet zebra pattern sculpture

Can you see not the animal behind this pattern? I also do not, to be honest. One thing I see now: it looks fabulous! I fell just in this black stripe in the middle of the stairs runner and the sporadic points. The colors fit wonderfully to the wood and the white colour of the stairs. [according to Cote de Texas]

Design ideas for original stair runners

stair carpet pattern design ideas

Patterned rugs

The next stair runner is very close to the character of the animal pattern. You could imagine that there is there really an animal. The geometric patterns are at the same time modern and traditional. They work great on this great stairs, which have been carried out in neutral colors. [according to Kelly Wearstler Design]

Geometric patterns

Geomtrische stair carpet staircase railing

The next stairwell was covered with four carpets from West Elm and it looks completely like Maß produced. Have a look at this golden mirror in combination with the gallery wall and the cowhide leather! [according to Dovely Bee]

Gorgeous decoration in the corridor

stair runner design ideas staircase wood

Looking for more black and white? This combination is a great option for those looking for a neutral background. This staircase is beautiful with its black banisters and the white balustrade to fall in love. The neutral wood nuances are subordinated to these two shades, but also thus provide much warmth in the House. [According to Gretchen Opgenorth]

Neutral oak

black white design stair carpets

Colored stair carpets

How funny and that’s beachy! Great, or? However, I think that works as a stair runner only in completely white stairs. I think immediately of a sunny House next to the sea. With as a setting, you will help the summer feeling in the heart. [According to rare and beautiful treasures]

Attractive and bright

star accents white staircase stair runner

I love pink. I actually think that this shade as a neutral can be perceived. Paired with pink everything seems so fresh. Let us not forget that this color heats one inside. It works just fine in the winter as well as summer. [according to Indulgy]

Hot pink

pink color for stair runners Hall

This travel photo is full of inspiration. It brought together various carpets so that the result is a maßgerfertigter stair runner. I love the way how here were mixed patterns, colors, and textures. On the decoration, it’s actually in the stair runners! [according to jewelry]

Mix of carpets

colored stair runner staircase ornaments

I find very exciting on this staircase two things: first, the dramatic and dark appearance and, secondly, the narrow width of the runner. Actually, a third thing happen and that the perfect general appearance. If I were to take the time, I could find guaranteed even more benefits! The color is great and it comes right to the application. It is yet not intrusive and one can notice still has all the effect of the remaining details. [According to Redesigning Sarah]

Dramatic appearance

wooden staircase purple stair runner design ideas

Unconventional stair runners

Ask yourself now determined: what should be the unconventional to the next range of colors? I tell you now: the stair runner here was made completely from beach towels. I I love the appearance of whitewashed, beachy wood and the prints. I can imagine only when looking at the image, how great it will feel under my feet. Can dry now the feet on the stair itself, when you come back from the beach. [According to inspiration green]

Beach towels inspiration

beach towel inspiration design stair carpets

This great stairs have a very dramatic carpet. Just as everything from the beginning was planned. The dramatic graphic design is super modern. If you will still eventually tired of it, you could cover very quickly and easily it. I don’t think that someone from such a chic black and white design might become “fed up”… [According to Holistic Fashionista]

Graphical design

geometric elements stair Runner Black White

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