Facades – Examples And Tips With Walls And Doors

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facades examples green facade of white front door

Facades examples – walls and gates

The walls and gates are among the most important elements in the façade design. They are practical and efficient. They continue to contribute very often to the aestheticization of the design. Here are several variations of this, which you can put to use.

1. glass and concrete

These facades are examples of modern, attractive design, which is at the same time very easy to maintain.

Sbeautiful schlichte facade

facades examples modern house tap Eden concrete glass

2. white concrete wall

Some people want to keep the minimalist look and the simplicity here. That’s why white wall are becoming increasingly popular as concrete or other materials.

3. high wall in front of the facade

The walls of the front can have different high.

They each serve as a protection of privacy

facades examples of beautiful exterior

4. wall with green before the facade

Many facades examples also close a simple minimalist wall with a small garden front.

Green lawn in front of the wall

Hazsfassaden examples wood concrete

5. Mediterranean House facades

Examples of this kind of House facades are also often found. In many cases, there is a white wall, which is spiced up by blue shading.

Mediterranean House facade with path and green lawn before

facades examples Mediterranean style white housewife

6 examples of buildings with bright colors

More and more House facades are characterized by superior wall in the wide range of shades. This looks simply ravishing. Imagine something like a bold combination such as blue and Red together!

7 Lattice doors front the façade

For people who absolutely want to hide from the outside world, this type of facade is very fitting.

To use doors, which then allow a slight glimpse through the lattice. At the same time being protected from intruders

facades examples of Mediterranean style house facade

Rich planting of the gate

facades examples lattice Gate House interior design ideas garden

8 built-in wickets

Often, it has also integrated the area in front of the House as a space within the overall design. Again, this room serves as a garage or a covered entrance hall. In this case, you have the option to remove this room from the Street through sliding doors.

Make a grand entrance

facades examples of fascinating design of the entrance

Gray facade with beautiful exterior

facades examples of original exterior design grey facade

Low concrete wall with stairs

facades examples gray facade simple concrete wall

Gates and fence in purple

facades examples lilac Garden Gate beautiful exterior

The way to the gate is beautifully planted

facades examples beautiful interior design ideas stately gate

Color design of the entry

facades examples beautiful facade door exterior

This wall is located on the side of the House

House facade wall concrete

Elegant wall

facades examples wood decoration

A fancy wall

facades examples wall plants

Green and Brown create a natural atmosphere

wall garden stylish original design

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