Fancy Restaurants – David’s Restaurant In Melbourne

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fancy restaurants David's restaurant Chinese kitchen bar counter

Australian restaurant with some Shanghai traits

The restaurant David is one of these places which can not go unnoticed. This town its unique appearance has resulted both in the inside and outside.

If you run through the center of Melbourne and get on this road, you could not see it. Because it is striking very hard Flash, contemporary, elegant façade.

When guests enter the extraordinary and restrained design fall which. At first glance, nothing reveals that the restaurant of Chinese cuisine and the Eastern philosophy of life is dedicated to.

Fancy restaurants around the world

fancy restaurants David's restaurant facade inside design

The designer Hecker Guthrie had to deal with the task to provide informal contemporary atmosphere that carries the spirit of Shanghai at the same time.

A touch of Asian atmosphere

fancy restaurants of David's restaurant designer Hecker Guthrie Melbourne

Stylish, minimalist and modern

special restaurants of David's restaurant Melbourne Setup ideas furniture catering

Atmosphere in the Shabby chic style

fancy restaurants of David's restaurant Melbourne

Interior design ideas in the hospitality industry

fancy restaurants of David's restaurant Melbourne Setup ideas

David Zhou is called the owner of the restaurant. He wanted to break something the popular perception of the Chinese restaurants. He did this through a collection of traditional Chinese furniture. He has sought it, together with the designer, not merely to create something new, but something revolutionary.

Special Chinese restaurant

Hecker Guthrie David's

The Chinese cuisine in Australia

fancy restaurants of David's restaurant Melbourne of Chinese restaurants

Inviting atmosphere

Hecker Guthrie David's

It has created a design in the end which has the spirit of the Shanghai. It is based on solidarity, honesty and convenient domestic life. Here, all the traditional elements have a new, modern character.

Wooden boxes and open Wall shelves

Hecker Guthrie David's

Here, there are no random elements. Everything has been thought through in detail. In all, nature is present, if also rather discreet. You can find out about on the bright blue or white shades on the large amount of light wood, the lights and the very restrained use of green.

Indoor plants make for extra comfort

off fallen restaurants of David's restaurant Melbourne catering furniture interior design ideas gastronomy

The attention to detail and light is characteristic of the Chinese architecture.

A modern Chinese restaurant may look like

Hecker Guthrie David's

In conclusion, one can say that the design of the restaurant can serve as an example of modern design. The atmosphere is calm and large. In detail, you can see the character of modern Chinese architecture.

Would you like David’s restaurant visit?

Hecker Guthrie David's

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