Fascinating Spiral Staircases – Architectural Elements With Modern Design By Rizzi Studio

Editor   March 9, 2015   Comments Off on Fascinating Spiral Staircases – Architectural Elements With Modern Design By Rizzi Studio

spiral stairs concrete white spiral

Spiral stairs

We have often been many interesting stairs ideas shown, some of which inspire with its imaginative forms, others with a simple and sophisticated profile. Today we have some more exciting for you. Learn the unique spiral stairs by Rizzi Studio know. It is a harmonious combination of sophisticated design and perfect quality. Each staircase is a project in itself, that connects the floors in your home and inscribes itself in the contemporary interior in a remarkable way. This self-supporting spiral staircases were made of concrete and form a smooth spiral that is very functional and on the other hand plays the role of an undisputed Blickfangs. Individual prefabricated modules are brought together to form an elegant spiral staircase, which is available in 11 standard diameters from 125 cm to 300 cm. Used custom and the stairs are covered according to the demand. The logic behind the installation of this reinforced concrete stairs drastically reduces the installation time – so the parts are adapted and assembled directly on the site. They consist of steps, risers and stringers. The end result is a refined, spiral-shaped construction, which provides a stable connection between floor and stairs. The stringers and steps can be covered with wood, stainless steel, ceramic, marble or resin on request. The spiral stairs by Rizzi Studio produced with and without handrails. In the first case, these are made of stainless steel or aluminium. Viewed from above, they look like a flawless Auger housing.

Look at the stairs models, which stringers are made only of stainless steel. They are just so elegant and stable and will enrich your home in a stylish way. For more information or to order please visit the official website of Rizzi Studio.

Curved shapes and noble materials

spiral stairs white stone precious wood

Glossy in pastel-yellow with railings made of stainless steel

spiral stairs yellow concrete wall cladding stone

Perfect for the minimalist interior design

spiral stairs, wooden stairs metal stairs railings

White marble and light gray

spiral staircases spiral concrete marble

An oversized Auger housing made of concrete and aluminum

spiral staircases spiral top

Refined design with fine wood and recessed lighting

spiral stairs wood panels step recessed chandelier

Solid dark wood

dark wooden steps winding staircases aluminum stair railing

Spiral staircase made of stainless steel in white

spiral stairs metal spiral wooden steps

Simple elegance in spiral shape

spiral stairs metal stairs spiral white wall colour dark red

Graphite stair carriages and Rails made of stainless steel

spiral stairs metal wooden ladders aluminum stair railing

The oak gives more warmth and coziness the staircase design

spiral stairs stainless steel stair railing spiral oak parquet

Elegant grey, dark oak and polar white

spiral stairs of minimalist design spiral white

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