Feng Shui House Plants – According To The Feng Shui Rules Set Up

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bathroom sink Feng Shui flower

Natural freshness and beauty at home

The houseplants are one of the best Feng Shui cures in every home, because they give a vibrant, healthy natural energy. Of course, every natural element (crystals, River stones, driftwood or clay) would bring positive energy.A Feng Shui motif in your home or Office is always more effective if its natural shape is retained.

An opulent, popular houseplant – the forest-Feng Shui element, a decorative fountain – water Feng Shui element or a real fireplace – fire Feng Shui element are the perfect Feng Shui insertions for each residential atmosphere.Choosing Feng Shui plants according to its appearance and shape, and also for their ability to clean the air.

Feng Shui House plants

gold fruit Palm Feng Shui houseplants

Gold fruit Palm

scientific nameChrysalidocarpus LutescensRemoved all air pollutants at home

Advantages:Very popular and easy to clean

The foliage has a specific movement, which can mitigate the energy in each room.

Lady Palm tree

Lady Palm foliage lush table lamp white lamp shade

Lady Palm

scientific nameRhapis excelsaRemoves the most pollutantsAdvantagesImproved air quality at homePopular and easy to clean

Bamboo Palm

bamboo Palm Feng Shui foliage houseplants

Bamboo Palm

scientific nameChamaedorea SeifriziiRemoves benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethyleneAdvantages – it adds a peaceful, tropical feel to any room; resistant to insect acclaim

Rubber tree

rubber tree foliage Feng Shui ideas facility

Rubber tree

scientific nameFicus RobustaBenefits – can survive in the evening light and cold temperatureExcellent ability to remove pollutants

Dragon tree

dragon tree foliage Grün Feng Shui Setup

Dragon tree

scientific nameDracaena Deremensis Janet Craig
attractive plant, easy to clean even in low lightRemoves the toxins


Ivy flower pot hanging houseplants

Birch fig

Birch fig air filter flower pot Feng Shui
Dwarf date palm

dwarf date palm Feng Shui Einrchtung pot plants

Sword fern

sword fern Feng Shui easy to grow houseplants

Typical Feng Shui potted plant
golden flower pot Feng Shui houseplants

The beautiful flowers of the Peace Lily

flowers Peace Lily Feng Shui Setup

Sword fern in his journal work

Boston fern Feng Shui potted plants ideas

Don’t you find this flower is absolutely cute?

peace lily flower white pot plants

Bright, homely atmosphere associated with the nature
nature connection Feng Shui flower pot plants

Orchids with pink flowers

Keramiscghe Orchid vase bamboo dragon tree pink flowers

Sword fern

huge houseplants sword fern ideas Feng Shui

Dwarf date palm
dwarf date palm flower pot indoor plants Feng Shui

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