Feng Shui Interior Design – Inspiring Wall Decoration

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Feng Shui interior design inspiration elements black white

Feng Shui interior design – create even the energy in the room

In Feng Shui, the walls and their position in the room play an important role. They can do a good Feng Shui energy , if they are well placed. Or, if their position blocks the flow of energy, that’s a bad Feng Shui. There are some such walls, which at home or in the workplace could be a challenge. Of course, your first instinctive desire would be to demolish it. But wait and think for a moment.  They could create positive energy in a different way. Create itself the energy you desperately need. Use images that represent your goals and wishes are with the Bagua towards the wall in line for that.More info: http://www.founterior.com/

Positive energy at home create Feng Shui interior design-

Feng Shui interior design inspiration decoration wall bed

The wall opposite the bed

We talked about the good and bad Feng Shui energy into the bedroom . Everything in the room affects your privacy, so be creative and careful when you choose wall paintings or pictures. Avoid sad, depressed figures or a mirror opposite the bed.

Bright cheerful atmosphere welcomes you when you come home

Feng Shui interior design inspiration wallpaper flowers

The wall opposite the entrance door

If the first thing you see when you enter your home or your workplace, is a wall, then what you do to refresh the atmosphere. Here, you can hang a wall paintings or change the wallpaper. But it applies the same rule to the mirror – no mirror opposite the front door.

Not let the wall at your workplace

Feng Shui Interior workplace inspiration decoration wall photos

The wall opposite your desk

Leave the wall to your workplace never empty. She is perfect background for your testimonies and your diploma. Also you can hang beautiful pictures of the places that you would like to visit or have already visited. Photos of your loved ones is also a good idea.

You have already entered the sense. Turn the wall into a wall of inspiration! Soon you will notice the good Feng Shui energy around himself.

Asian-style eating area

Feng Shui interior design inspiration decoration wall bamboo

Can come up with interesting ideas and create your own world

Feng Shui interior design inspiration decoration wall tree purple

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