Feng Shui Living: How Should We Select Our House And Set Up?

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Feng Shui living: decorating tips for the apartment and the House

Sooner or later most people are confronted with the question, what is probably correct: we should buy a perfectly equipped apartment or newly built one? Or would we prefer to buy an old building and rebuild it according to their preferences and needs?

Feng Shui home and furnishings

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Feng Shui living – interior design ideas according to the Feng Shui Setup ideas

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This topic covers many different aspects and she can be not exhausted of course in an article. We can tell you what general information is the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui in this context.

How to set up a Feng Shui?

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The location of the House

No matter its location of fundamental importance is whether it is a family or House. In addition, the views from each room and apartment is also very important. So it’s best if the building features a harmonious shape, rises on a square-shaped or rectangular ground plan.

It is also of importance, where the House is located

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Feng Shui warns not to move into residential buildings with multiple inputs, or in secluded areas. The energy in such buildings is very messy and will make sure that life is also not very balanced its inhabitants.

Avoid building without a stable base

The stable base is also a source of bad energy. Buildings that were built on playgrounds or sports stadiums, according to Feng Shui are no safer and more enjoyable place.

Choose a suitable place for your home

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The neighbouring building

Very important are also the neighbouring buildings. Observe the following: how much are they? There are green areas, parking lots, or none in the environment? Are their structure and the prospect of open or tiling? All of this plays a major role for this, whether you feel good or bad in the House.

The buildings nearby have also affect our well-being

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The role of the celestial animals

The celestial animals are also important for the correct selection of the apartment. These are namely the turtle, the Phönix, the Tiger and the Dragon. At the Feng Shui living, they refer to the areas surrounding the residential building. If you stand with face to the entrance, the turtle is located directly behind your back and the Phönix is behind the slightly more distant area. The Dragon is right and the Tiger – on the left.

The principles of Feng Shui doctrine

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The Tiger and the Dragon have protective functions and are connected with the beginning of male and female. The Green Dragon is masculinity and good positions in society. The White Tiger symbolizes femininity and the finances of the family.

Do you know what the celestial animals symbolize?

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The Phönix symbolizes the space outside the apartment where accumulates the energy, which then flows into your House. The Phönix is used with the perspectives, the positive cosmic energy and with new ways of relating.

Feng Shui Setup ideas

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Generally it is not recommended that a building with bad energy like a prison and police official are nearby. The kitchen and the toilet should be positioned not in the northwestern part of the House. Annoys the male energy and could prevent a woman from finding their partner in life and to keep. Also the Green planting areas should be far from this North-Western side.

Find out what are for building nearby, before you buy a new home

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Paying attention to the correct distribution of energy in Feng Shui

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Where should the kitchen according to the Feng Shui are teaching?

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Sensible ideas or superstition

Every modern person can look beyond already behind the material. Feng Shui is certainly not a superstition, but a sensible way to deal with the energies around us. Of course, you have to consider everything individually. Feng Shui come from Chinese tradition. What is understood as a bad or good, or as male and female energy, has to do something with the local culture.

Would you need to set up your bedroom Feng Shui?

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Whether a building near radiates good or bad energy, not necessarily related to its function. In a modern society, it is not necessary that the kitchen and the plants be sure with female energies are associated… The principles of Feng Shui living are a good starting point if you want to learn to observe the influence of the environment on your personal life. Everyone should however work out its own criteria and develop feeling for it, superstitious take what positive or negative affect and not 1 to 1.

Kitchen facilities according to Feng Shui

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