Feng Shui Living – Positioning The Front Doors In The Feng Shui Interior Design

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How should you position the doors according to the principles of Feng Shui living?

The Feng Shui tips for living concerning the design of the rooms as well as the arrangement of the smallest details. Get now a little insight into the topic, we want to note the following: If you live well or not, depends on according to Feng Shui the positioning of your front door. Yes, believe it or not, but that’s a fact. That is why we want our today’s article in the positioning of the front doors in the Feng Shui to interior design.

Feng Shui living – what criteria should match the front door?

feng shui front door living garden

Feng Shui living – what says Feng Shui over the front door?

offers feng shui front door stairs plant

Each door is like a protective door of the House or apartment. Through the front door go the energy in and out. Its positioning is responsible whether they flow freely or be blocked. Ideally it is teaching according to the Feng Shui so that collect the energies on the doorstep. These, which ensures their distribution are the in and outgoing people.

Position the door correctly according to the principles of Feng Shui

furnishing ideas floor set up feng shui front door

The front doors as protective elements

The front door should be made of wood or other durable materials. A glass door here is misplaced, because so she can not meet enough their protective functions. The front door has to be the greatest of all in the apartment. So will provide the maximum flow of living energy home. The door must be higher than the largest tenants.

Better choose a wooden door for the entrance

furnishing ideas feng shui front door criteria

Avoid glass doors

offers feng shui front door glass stylish plant

Pave the way to the front door

The path to the front door must be free from both sides, inside and outside. Interlocking block the natural flow of energy.

The Feng Shui interior design affects also the front door

furnishing ideas corridor design door dark round table

It is not a good idea, that next to the front door directly steps apply. This can lead to financial problems. The northwesterly alignment of door promotes male dominance in the House. If the front door go East, young people feel particularly good. The doors ensure active public life to the South. The front doors, which are aligned to the West, are good for families with children.

Stylish front door makes a beautiful impression

feng shui criteria live entrance door

Decorate the entrance

furnishing ideas feng shui front door design position

The floor in such a way that the door can be opened easily

furnishing ideas feng shui front door set up corridor

The principles of Feng Shui teaching follow in the design of the Hall

furnishing ideas floor flooring front door make feng shui

How high should the door be?

furnishing ideas feng shui positioning door Black

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