Feng Shui Rules – Tips For Designing A Feng Shui Apartment

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Feng Shui elements Buddha statue of Feng Shui teaching inspiration

Feng Shui rules for our home – harmony and energy

We have presented you a series of articles, dealing with the topic of Feng Shui philosophy in our apartments. Do we include a further contribution today you with the history of the Feng Shui doctrine known makes and gives you a few handy tips for your home design.

Stay with us, it will be you with certainly interesting and exciting!

Feng Shui elements interior design ideas Feng Shui doctrine

Since the 90’s, the ancient teaching of the design of living and habitats in Europe is known and popular. Countless publications, advice of any kind, traditional or adapted to the Western lifestyle, have the interest to the Feng Shui philosophy awakened. This art of designing proves extremely useful for those who respect their principles in establishing the home.  Discover the history of this almost magical recipes for living in harmony here first.

Feng Shui philosophy

Feng Shui rules elements interior design ideas water stone fire

A little history

Means in Chinese feng “Wind”, “Water” shui. If the wind is the breath of life, so the water is his Elixir. These two elements form the basis of vitality, they symbolize the energy, Chi.   

3000 years ago, created the 8 original trio grams Emperor Fuxi and thereby laid the Foundation for the Feng Shui. Actually, the two elements contained therein were based on the application of conflicting principles, which are however complementary: the yin and the Yan (female energy, Schatten…/ male energy, light…)

Yin and the Yan

Feng Shui elements of positive energy Feng Shui Bagua

Originally, the Feng Shui was a pretty strange mix of divination, magic rituals and ancestor worship. The development of this discipline, which is connected with legendary stories, continued over several imperial dynasties…

Nowadays, two ancestral theories are always up to date

Feng Shui rules positive energy Buddha statue easy to grow houseplants

If you are looking for advice for setting up your living room, you will certainly encounter the principles of one of these two schools.

The “compass school” relies on old Chinese Astrology calculations and incorporates Habitat and residents together. This unusually complex method, however, is known for its excellent results.

The “form school” follows the Feng Shui Octagon principle which divides the space into. This geometrical figure again is based on ancient Chinese wisdom and apply it with the interior design. Their approach, which is more appropriate for the modern life, is most commonly practiced in the Western world.

Set up according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui rules living room interior design ideas

Practical tips for the design of our homes

Feng Shui rules interior design ideas living room wall color green

Risk zones

All areas of housing need special attention, especially as regards cleanliness and order, so that the famous Chi can flow. If the Chi does not flow, Sha, accumulate negative energy, bringing trouble with it. This statement also applies to the order in basements and closets. Should this not reliable, just because they are not in sight.

Here are a few details you should necessarily keep an eye in your home:

The location of your bed is critical to the success in your life, also in love. It is definitely not advisable to sleep each night in a bed that was given to you or comes from the rental of your apartment or your home. This piece of furniture is literally impregnated – possibly negative – energies of its previous owner and should be disposed of so quickly.

The bed in the Feng Shui bedroom

Feng Shui bedroom colors Grün Holz furniture bed

Feng Shui colors in the bedroom

Feng Shui bedroom colors Grün Holz furniture Feng Shui bed

Their desk must have precisely because his place from where you can overlook the room and see the door. Make this piece of furniture can give you surprising results.

Feng Shui Office – interior design ideas

study design Feng Shui Office Office furniture wood colors

Special attention is the kitchen and the bathroom. Their income and health depend on it!

Feng Shui energy in the kitchen

Feng Shui kitchen kitchen island natural light set up according to Feng Shui

Harmony and relaxation in the bathroom

Feng Shui rules modern bathroom Feng Shui House

Zen atmosphere in the bathroom

Feng Shui rules bathroom set up freestanding bathtub

A few workarounds:

One speaks of workarounds to get the solutions of Feng Shui in memory: a small accessory in the right color can cause miracles. Mirrors, ribbons and scented candles, change attached at the right place, a sometimes hostile environment. In addition, the creative cycle of elements (wood, fire, Earth, metal, water) must be respected absolutely.

Feng Shui living accessories – wind chimes

Feng Shui elements wind interior design ideas patio design wind chime

Candle and Feng Shui mirror

Feng Shui elements of positive energy Buddha statue of Feng Shui mirror

Creative home accessories for positive energy in the House

Feng Shui rules wind chimes Feng Shui elements wind

Scented candles and talismans

Feng Shui rules candles Feng Shui elements

What can you do yourself?

Always remember the basics of Feng Shui are order and cleanliness. Fresh air is just as important. It gives you fresh and new energy. Create therefore also order in your rooms. Throw away everything, what is worn and clean everything thoroughly. This benefits your well-being and that of your roommate. If you want to improve any aspect of your life thanks to the principles of Feng Shui, then immerse yourself in a book or let a specialist!

Fresh air and green plants in the living room

Feng Shui rules positive energy houseplants Feng Shui living room

Be active and work instead of resting on your laurels as a fairy! Be grateful for all of the positive changes that will become in my life, thanks to the Feng Shui!

Feng Shui plants

Feng Shui rules positive energy houseplants Feng Shui elements


Feng Shui rules elements interior design ideas houseplants bamboo

Accessories in the Feng Shui garden

Feng Shui rules of Feng Shui elements water

Feng Shui elements – water

Feng Shui rules positive energy Feng Shui elements water

Adhere to the Feng Shui rules

Feng Shui rules positive energy candles Feng Shui elements

Create relaxation corner

Feng Shui apartment house plants set up according to Feng Shui

Rattan furniture in the living room

Feng Shui living room positive energy houseplants rattan furniture wall decoration

Create lively atmosphere

Feng Shui elements of positive energy Feng Shui living room set

Creative wall and color design

Feng Shui rules living room colors wall decoration

Relaxed and energetic bedroom wall color

Feng Shui bedroom colors yellow wood furniture Feng Shui bedFeng Shui elements and their colors

Feng Shui elements and colors of Feng Shui color theory

Feng Shui colors – meaning

Feng Shui apartment set up Feng Shui color theory meaning

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