Feng Shui Tips For Harmony And Positive Energy At Home

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Feng Shui tips harmony energy positive

Feng Shui tips – shop the positive energy in your home one!

Be active! It is in your hands, you create a world of harmony and beauty. Start with your home. It is very important that you feel at home most comfortable and secure. It was aware of the Chinese ages ago and thanks to the Doctrine of Feng Shui , we can touch their wisdom today.

Feng Shui is a lesson about balance in life. Everything in the world is based on the balance. All Asian teachings shape the and nowadays more and more people in the West believe in it. If you include those, you thoroughly read this article until the end.

You need to read large books to study the philosophy of Feng Shui doctrine . Get to know only these ten simple rules. It’s enough that you follow to create a positive and balanced atmosphere in your home.

1. start with the entrance area. It is very important and is like a filter for the incoming energy. It is good, but about curvy if the entry hallway is not completely straight. So the positive energy enters the apartment and the negative stays outside.

The door colour is also important. Red, blue for relaxation and Brown – stability stands for success and wealth, green for growth and development.

Meet the Feng Shui principles!

Feng Shui tips harmony energy positive door

2. create always right! This is a principle not only in Feng Shui! Make way for the positive energy. Throw away any items that are broken or unusable!

Creating order and roominess.

Feng Shui tips harmony energy positive order clean

3. use the power of colours and create a harmonious color scheme of two or three colorsthat you like and go great together.

What are your favorite colors?

Feng Shui tips harmony energy positive color scheme balance

4. set up your apartment according to your personal taste ! This is your House, and it should be full with things that concern you. The resulting energy is good just for you.

Do it how you like it!

Feng Shui tips harmony energy positive living

5. houseplants! It’s no secret that the flowers can refresh each room. For example, a bamboo can breathe life into your home.

Live in harmony with nature!

Enjoy the Wildlife at home!

Feng Shui tips harmony energy positive room plants green

6. just like the plants, has also healing the music affect us. No matter whether you like to listen to music (play) or not, leave it in your everyday life. Wind chimes are a great idea. So, the wind is an extraordinary concert specially for you.

The magical healing effects of music

Feng Shui tips harmony energy positive music wind chime

7. do know the five elements in Feng Shui – water, fire, Earth, wood and metal.  Each element is represented by specific objects. Ceramics for Earth, fire or candles for fire stands for water, for example glass. To evenly represent all elements in the interior design. In this way, you create harmony.

Harmony and balance – this is your goal

Feng Shui tips harmony energy positive elements

8 lucky charms and talismans. You think an object brings you happiness, then he’s got room in your home.

Maybe lucky in the fact that you are surrounded by positive energy are

Feng Shui tips harmony energy positive luck

9. arrange your bedroom according to the Feng Shui rules (we have written quite a few articles about) the bedroom is very important, because you spend a third of your life around.

Good Feng Shui in your bedroom

Feng Shui tips harmony energy positive bedroom

10 let the sunshine in! Natural light is definitely positive energy. Large floor-to-ceiling Windows are the best solution. Enjoy the sunshine!

To allow sunlight into the House came in!      Feng Shui tips harmony energy positive sunlight

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