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Reconstruction and modernization: The best tips for your home

Times have changed – and with them the housing claims. One wants to radically modernize his somewhat older House, the other wants to build energy-efficient or age to the real estate, perhaps by a growing expand. Here the most important tips take homeowners during the reconstruction.

Is a permit needed for the House renovation?

Before any upgrade, it is first to consider whether the proposed measures are subject to approval. This is usually always the case if during work the statics of the building changed, because parts are removed. Information about granted the construction permit authority. But beware: Even if no approval is required, the applicable building regulations must be observed.

Home remodeling – requires a permit in your case?

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A special case occurs when the House is under monument protection. Then certain modifications are prohibited, others are even financially supported under certain circumstances. There is information at the monument protection authority of the Federal State.

The formalities are done, you should inform himself as detailed offers and different ways to run, before it awards contracts or puts hand even during the reconstruction. Here, too, useful tips on remodeling and modernization see Schwäbisch

Secure government grants!

Home remodeling trends new ideas

Tags include the most common modernization measures to increase energy efficiency. An improved insulation of Windows, doors, roofs and walls can dramatically reduce energy costs. Switching to renewable energy sources is another option. For many measures, there are government grants in the form of cheap loans and repayment subsidies, for example via the KfW bank.

This also applies to the age-based reconstruction of a real estate. Who barrier-free wants to make his home doors wider wheelchair, eliminate tripping hazards or non-slip would make bathrooms, can receive also funding for it. Also the funds from a savings can be used for the age-based conversion. In this way, it is also at the age independently and without assistance in the familiar environment.

House renovation – in the smart home thinks the House

House renovation-smart home

When it comes to the modernisation of House or apartment, you get today the slogan “smart home” no longer around. The networking and central control of the whole House-technology behind the idea of the “smart home”. The interaction of the individual elements facilitates the everyday life, saves energy, and creates greater security. So for example modern thermostats to regulate temperatures according to the specifications of the residents automatically for every room – about, by driving up the heating to the desired time in the bathroom in the morning. Blinds open or close depending on the solar radiation by itself, glass breakage sensors sound the alarm in a break-in and the light switch on all over the House – just a few of the many ways that smart home offers. Modern technology can one at home many tasks take off – therefore more time for the finer things in life.

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Home remodeling – “smart home” stands for innovation and high-tech

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