Find The Right Furniture For Easy-care Pets

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Plegeleichte pets sofa wooden dogs padded

The low-maintenance pets and furniture, which fit

If you love pets and create even a great design, you don’t think this is impossible. Because that just isn’t true. The Organization of a space, in which both, as also the pets feel comfortable you, is no utopia. It is quite realistic to create one.

Especially when it comes to easy-care pets, this is quite possible. Include the usual cats and dogs, living together with which one has lived many years ago.

Furniture that is not so easily spoiled go

The most obvious task would be to find furniture, which may be not easily scratched and destroyed by the animals. Pull those out of metal, concrete, and composites in consideration. All are characterized by a long endurance. In the current design there are always better and more stylish examples. But don’t think that you should necessarily avoid soft wood furniture. They must invest time and knowledge is, to teach the pets, that they can’t remember. This would be with the appropriate means.

The animal-friendly couch by Seungji Mun

Plegeleichte pets sofa wood upholstery

Innovations by Seungji Mun

Seungji Mun is a modern Korean Designer, who invested a lot of effort in it lately, furniture, which represent a dream for people as well as for the most easy-care pets. They are simple, but ingenious idea here facilities, where you can accommodate the pets in many places. We found really fascinating the sleeping mats have been installed on chairs and tables. You envy not the friend who can relax there?

Your dog will feel especially good

Plegeleichte pets Seungji Mun couch wooden dogs cottage

Dog fun

Plegeleichte pets sofa cat dog

The love of nature

Koichi Futatsumata

The love of nature prevails in the East of our political and geographical map of the world probably more than in the West. The designer demonstrate this, dedicated to the theme of living together with easy-care pets on this part of the world with so much love. The concern, which has integrated Koichi Futatsumata are a great example. Again: would you not like to place this child?

The concern Katzentisch by Koichi Futatsumata

Plegeleichte pets Coffeetable Koichi Futatsumata cat

Since your cat will stop likes

Plegeleichte pets coffee table lounge braided cat

It is incredible to be as laconic and functional. See how you can keep this enviable nice setting to the easy-care pets doing?

You can say that about Ruan Hao from Lycs architecture.

He uses an also simple method. Solid wood furnishings serve as a basis for his works. In these, the holes and tunnels are fitted then. The pets can go there easily. That brings those, as well as the owners guarantees a lot of fun!

The whimsical Tunel table by Ruan Hao

easy-care pets Ruan Hao Katzentisch

Great to hide

easy-care pets Katzentisch Ruan Hao

You feel really safe

easy-care pets Ruan Hao cats table

Useful aesthetics

easy-care pets Ruan Hao table

And even more great design for low-maintenance pets and some art

You can make reexamined many pets through appropriate design quickly. This logic is used as a guide when many designers that develop in this regard. This applies for example to Emily Wettstein.

It shows us how many of their colleagues also, that the easy-care pets could also represent a great opportunity for wonderful decorative art.

The great table creation by Emily Wettstein

easy-care pets Emily Wettstein Katzentisch

Fresh grass to walk around

easy-care pets Emily Wettstein table wood grass

Katzentisch in detail

easy-care pets Emily Wettstein planted a grass

A strange tube sofa for cats

Plegeleichte pets cat dog Tunel tube sofa

Cozy hammock for dogs and cats

Plegeleichte pets bed hammock dog

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