Fine Teak Furniture Create More Comfort

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Valuable and universal teak is a true artist when it comes to housing and set up. This tropical wood looks not only very classy and comfortable, but at the same time has very important properties that make it very suitable for indoor as well as outdoor. Extremely weather resistant and hard-wearing teak is among the most popular wood par excellence. Originally is teak wood from the forests of India and Burma, is grown but also in other Asian countries as well as in the tropical regions of Africa and South America. This type of wood can be also very successfully and effectively be breed in sustainable forestry, which is of course important for the environment, given the longer trade routes of all tropical timber to us.

teak furniture set drawers

Elegant appearance and remarkable versatility

Teak furniture not only look refined, but also in general all surfaces of this multi-faceted tropical wood. Teak is the preferred for the decking and very often used in boat building. Its pleasant golden brown secure unique persuasion and unique appearance every piece of furniture and object of teak to dark brown color and the distinctive grain. No matter what style it is also chooses, teak furniture will look simply always class. This versatile wood confers a special, distinctive charm your own four walls. Country house style, vintage, Biedermeier, colonial or quite minimalist and modern – teak furniture everything is possible. Selection of furniture and home accessories made from high-quality teak wood rich many furniture manufacturer and retailer, as, for example,, offer not only in their stores, but is also online. Many have even a range of teak furniture made from recycled wood, which yet more benefits the environment and thus our conscience. Antique chest of drawers in the bedroom an elegant China Cabinet in the dining room with retro chairs together or a rugged opium table with a soft sofa combines metal bed, in addition to at are only a small selection of the unlimited options of teak furniture. This splendid material is adaptable and flexible. Fits everywhere and to all.

mumbai teak furniture coffee table

How to maintain the best teak furniture?

Teak furniture is considered to be the pflegeleichtesten among all the types of furniture at all. You can oil it accordingly and grow, needs but not necessarily to do that. Because teak wood contains a significant percentage of natural rubber and is thus always like oiled. Precisely for this reason, this tropical wood is quite water resistant and ideally suited for damp living areas. Nevertheless we recommend for your garden or patio furniture teak wood, with special teak oils the wood surface to lubricate, to prevent the characteristic silvery grayish patina created by the ultraviolet radiation and air. And if your teak furniture look kinda dirty or have stubborn stains, you can try it with commercially available green SOAP. Rather, use a root wood brush and never wire brush. This will certainly damage the precious teak wood surface. A soft sandpaper from the hardware store and the usual teak wood cleaner in the retailers own is also quite good for it.

Rely on durability and timeless sophistication and find your own special teak furniture. Give comfort and optimal comfort and enjoy every moment at home!

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