Fire Authority, Which Attracts The Attention

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living room design fireplace with decorative dark colors

The attractive fireplace is a focal point in the room

What are the basic needs of people for what? What we need is water, food and heat. Wouldn’t it be as nice, if they would show a touch of luxury at the same time?

It can be combined wine a great serving soup, with the matching glass. Would the whole not much better taste than when we would eat it before an fireplace ? The fireplace, regardless of whether it is traditional or modern, on ethanol or with wood working, also a cheap option to represent.

Original fireplace designs in vogue

contemporary living room fireplace decorating

The elegant, exuberant fireplace is the perfect element, if you want to loosen up a wall with built-in shelves. The rectangular tiles reflect the appearance of the cabinets on both sides. This nifty methodology ensures great visual harmony.

Floating fireplace

contemporary living room fireplace decorating

Consider also a barrier-free, floating fireplace like this into consideration. Isn’t it wonderful, what experience your eyes here? One has here used it to divide the room in two. Tiles also provide a great texture.

Modern living room design with extravagant fireplace

modern living room design fireplace decorating table

The next example is low and elegant and is not the entire attention.

What you need to keep in mind: the wood must be at an appropriate altitude, so that’s not all of a sudden begins to burn.

Double-sided fireplace design

traditional living room fireplace decorating TV Chair table

The double-sided fireplace in this traditional family room provides for double pleasure. By one positioning the fireplace on the outside, the house owners have created a beautiful swivel and pivot. You can see it from the living room and out of the yard. In this case, you would need to decide during installation for gas. This is a must when there is talk of double-sided fireplaces on an outside wall.

Innovative method to mimic the wood

modern living room design fireplace pendant lamps table

Wood and fire are one of the appealing combinations at all together. Often they are not together, because there dangerous could be. Here we see an innovation, which raises the question in a very elegant manner: it has deployed the fireplace within a wall with tiles which mimic the look of wood.

Extraordinary form

contemporary bedroom fireplace decoration

Why does the fire pit to be actually square or rectangular? Artificial stone, cement and other processed materials the designers make it possible to create many different chic shapes. Here we recognize something quite original. The fireplace features a trapezoidal shape. He’s faced the rest of the room in a great way.

Positioned on the ground

modern living room design fireplace black sofa chairs

Here you can see a fire pit on the ground. This provides for a minimalist message. Fireplaces driven by gas give designers more leeway in designing a fireplace. If the gas line is not an option, the rate of gene Express can mimic a similar look.

Herringbone pattern

traditional living room fireplace wood furniture leather sofa cushion

Mantel made of limestone? Herringbone pattern? All the elements which give the traditional fireplaces whose charm?

You can mimic the look of a fake cover. What you need to check in this case is whether the fire box will also light up. Such jackets are usually not maßgearbeitet. That’s why remains mostly a small gap which needs to be filled.

Beautifully decorated fireplace mantel

traditional living room Fireplace stone leather furniture

We could you for the installation or renewal of your fireplaces inspired?

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