Fireplaces – Practical Advice, Pros And Cons

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Fireplaces in the living room – Pro – and contra – arguments

You can think right now other interior design elements, you could perhaps more impressive than fireplaces? We would hardly succeed.

Today we want to talk just about. Here with us you could count on it with images, such as from a fashion magazine!

Fireplaces warm up the atmosphere in the family

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Is the warm family atmosphere important to you? You should underestimate no factor which could have a beneficial effect in this respect. The open fires play a very special role. They symbolize the warmth, which comes in a narrow family circle. The cosy atmosphere contributes a lot to better interpersonal relationships at home.

Decorative fireplaces

Unfortunately, you can not say that fireplaces are the most practical solution in our home. There are many reasons against it. On all models, too much air comes in. Therefore, the tree pieces can not burn. You must use air puller. These carry out not only the steam, but also the warm air.

Only the side of objects applied to the chimney is warmed up. So your hands and your face warmer hold, but not the back.

There are very many decorative models or those where you look to the flame through a specific warm protected glass. Consider also this variation into consideration.

It may be possible that it is right for you

fireplaces wood leather chair

Different models of open fireplaces

Let us look at some different models of open fireplaces and think about what kind of rooms it is good would enroll in. Usually you should use them in publicly used premises. There, its decorative value is determined very much appreciated. They are suitable also in commercial establishments. Fireplaces can be found in luxurious restaurants, where they represent an integral part of lobby bars.

As well, they fit in an open living plan

fireplaces of open living plan

The model must be adapted to the dimensions of the selected premises. Choose one, which is too small or too large, you have rather completely out. Because such inappropriate solutions to spoil the whole look with absolute certainty.

Designer projects

We rarely recommend opting for individual projects in any case. But when the fireplaces, this certainly represents a suitable decision. So, you will ensure that you achieve the right effect in the room. Fireplaces are a luxury solution. Anyway, it costs a bigger investment.

If you decide, then you calculate most directly with the cost of the special decision

fireplace bioethanol fireplace

Do you know the electronic versions, which mimic a burning flame?

fireplaces decorative

For a modern design, we recommend such as a great alternative to open fireplaces.

Was that a bit too much information at once? Do you need time to sit back, reflect, and to decide which one would be the right decision for you? Take a glass of wine, visualize all the models and the ideas that come to mind… Then also your intuition certainly will lead you to the right decision.

Modern fireplace with bioethanol

fireplace bioethanol modern

Bio-ethanol fireplaces are available in many designs

fireplaces bioethanol white tiles

Traditional blue and white

fireplaces blue panelling

Luxuriously furnished with filigree ornaments

fireplace firewood

White panelling and marble

fireplaces wood large bottle

Elegance in black and white

fireplace firewood purist

Stove on Danish art

fireplaces Danish

Festive decoration and candles

fireplace decoration branches

A nice example for open fire place with many candlesticks

fireplaces decorative candle holders

The fireplace was attached directly to the wall in here

fireplace design modern

Large fireplace with lots of storage space

fireplaces eclectic

A fireplace-poetry in black and white

fireplaces elegant wood

A warm ambience in the dining room

fireplace dining table

Generous in the Baroque style

fireplaces fire Castle flair

Comfort in black, white and light green

fireplaces of braided basket firewood

Minimalist fireplace and much firewood

fireplace straight lines firewood niche

Ingenious design for an open fireplace

fireplaces glass

Marble brings luxury to

fireplace granite

Ultra high gloss

fireplaces grey dark Sergio

Eclectic with open-beam ceilings

fireplaces grey leather sofa

Scandinavian simplicity and clarity

fireplace grey rectangular

Fireplace in the industrial style

fireplaces industrial style

Cast iron and brick

fireplace tiles Brenholz

Even your cat will appreciate the open fireplace

fireplace cat

Classical symmetry at the fireplace

fireplaces classic

Artistic and modern with bioethanol and firewood

open fireplace artworks

Fireplaces are the undisputed focal point in each room

fireplace leather armchair SOF

Purist and decorative in light grey

fireplaces minimalist

Robust fireplace with door and natural stones

fireplace natural stone coating

Stove-fireplace – warm and at the same time ensures a comfortable ambience

fireplaces stove

Often the TV above the fireplace is placed

fireplace open shelf Wood TV

Modern design and smoothness

fireplace oval modern

The sphere-shaped fireplace blends perfectly into the facility

fireplaces round black

Centrally positioned impressive fireplace

fireplaces round centrally located

Glass-enclosed fireplace and tiny, white tiles

fireplaces black white

Unconventional and unique

fireplaces black white wall beams

Asian flair with a glazed fireplace

fireplaces partition

Rustic coziness

fireplaces doors

Leather and wood enhance the warm effect of the fireplace

fireplaces door grey beige

Cast iron, marble tiles and coral red

fireplaces door cast iron

A modern glass fireplace

fireplaces glazed firewood niche

Pastel colors and fireplace

fireplaces white edge

Antique ornaments and modern design

fireplaces white plaster

Unpretentious with a rustic flair

fireplaces brick wood

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