First Aid In The House – A Checklist For Emergencies And Drugs

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first aid In the House sophisticated and efficient Aubewahrung

First aid in the House

What happens if someone in your home today ill or get hurt?

If everything is ok, you don’t often remember. But as soon as something happens, you will remember how important it is to keep everything in order.

Too long to wait, but bring your stuff first-aid in order. This is a habit that should be just as natural for you, like the brushing of teeth!

1 first aid bag. Too many things at once, especially if you are not familiar in these, can lead to confusion. Take time to look exactly all objects and to be familiar with the image. How long has it, that you have participated in a course of the Red Cross? Maybe you should refresh your knowledge.

A metal case for first aid

first aid In House metal Pocket pop red with a white cross

Where should you keep the stuff

The bag with the items for first aid and basic medicine should be located in an easily accessible place. Make sure that all members in the household is just remember this place.

A good example would be in a drawer in the kitchen

first aid In House Cedar stained patterned pillows

Or on small open shelves in the bathroom

first aid In the House small open shelves in wood

Do you have small children in the House? The best you should keep then box somewhere first aid in this case in a hard to reach place. In addition, point out that it is dangerous to play.

What should specifically include a first aid box:

If you need special equipment such as for asthma, consider these in the package include. In addition, you should have following things ready:

Bandages of various sizes
Compresses for absorbing
Sterile swabs, or off
Antiseptic wipes
Cloth tape
Antibiotic ointment
Emergency blanket
Gloves (due to allergies you should contain no LaTeX)
Fever meter
Cold compress immediately
Role binding
Hydrocortisone ointment
First aid brochure

2. medicine box

Do you save yourself much stress and running in the midnight time to the Pharmacy? Then you should be prepared for the usual diseases. You should check the data on the packaging of the drugs. If the date is already expired, it is better to leave the remains in the pharmacy. Most will accept it! Worry about.

A long dresser in the bathroom ensures sufficient storage space

first aid In the House many drawers cupboards In the bathroom

Simple furniture and soothing colors by Davenport building solutions

first aid at the House crystal chandelier olive green chairs

Where should you store these drugs

The drugs could be damaged by moisture and heat. A cupboard in the kitchen or in the living room might be suitable. Do you have children at home and at the same time any drugs that need to be cooled? The best you should keep them in a locked box in the cooling.

What should include the medical kit

Antibiotic ointment
LTO cleaning tape
Pain and Fieberlinderer
Fever meter
Surgical spirits
Hydrogen peroxide
Anti-age care lotion
Mutual diarrhea medicines
Medicines for colds, flu and coughs

Seek advice from your doctor about additional things

Built-in wardrobes with many shelves can be the solution

first aid In the House recessed wardrobe hinged doors

3. emergency response Kit

Do you still have any of those? Then you should get one now.

Where should you store an emergency kit?

Anyway, it should be hidden not as good as in the garage because you can’t find it in an emergency. Make a smart choice here and maybe you can experiment as long as you or anyone else needs to be removed. Keep in mind that it is in case of emergency in panic and everything should be accordingly easy!

The laundry room is one of the most popular storage rooms

first aid In the House extravagant Waschkücke

You could stow all that stuff in a see-through backpack and can get to a good overview of these and in addition always very easy to carry around this.

What you want to include as a set?

There are complete sets, which are distributed by the red cross organization. If you want to create one alone, you should look at their list yet.

In addition, you should add personal items which want to necessarily keep you in an emergency or in doing so. Some solar chargers for mobile phones will be certainly also not superfluous.

Shopping baskets, wooden and metal containers as an alternative

first aid In the House simple shelf from metal and wood panels

Supplementary equipment for the pets, for the car and much more

The sets are very useful for many people. According to life style, these could be quite different. Such as could hold ready so a box next to the playground or in the courtyard.

One could speak of a set culture in modern life, and it is always useful to acquire them. This includes among other things the update. Take the whole thing seriously, and you’ll be gratefully for in case of emergency.

first aid In the House flowers splendour before of the garage

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