Five Of The Coolest Home Trends In 2014

cool interior design ideas of living trends 2014 Chevron pattern floor lamp

Home trends 2014 – cool design ideas in the step with the times

Are you looking for new furniture and decoration ideas? You want to 2014 follow better the living trends or prefer the timeless pieces? It always pays to be employed at least a bit of time to look at the latest offers.

Ultimately be the roots of the most current trends in past styles. This is true both for the beautiful pastel nuances and the Evergreen plants. But the latest trends are characterized by an incredible freshness.

Viewing the compelling deals below. Be inspired by those for the facilities of the new season.

Current color trends – pastel shades

We start with pastels, that everything else act as washed out. One has her fresh look thanks to the transformation, which has occurred recently. “The conversion”, wanted you didn’t ask? Dealing with desigenerische editing, which has led to this design with pastels in geometric shapes. The version below includes compelling combinations of different shades. Say “Hello” to the spear to cushion of the company away from living, which are created by hand and were gerfetigt in organic cotton.

Current living and color trends

cool living trends 2014 living ideas geometric pattern cushion motifs

Also from far living there are the glasses “Stackable jars”, which are displayed here on the coloured tray. However, we are of the entire vignette has been cut down which a range of pastel colors, have been carried out in ample variants such as aquamarine and olive.

Trend colours – aquamarine and olive

cool living trends 2014 living ideas geometric patterns kitchen utensils back marble

Have you noticed the comeback of the classic refrigerators? They can be found in various nuances, among others also in Candy-colored pastels. They look so delicious that you almost want to eat.

Below we see the Smeg Refrigaretor in pastel green from West Elm

cool color trends of home trends 2014 living ideas pastels refrigerator Mint green

Cool home trends – tropical motifs

The tropical motifs are as up to date, but there have been times where they really became a star. This reminds us of the 80s, flamingos, parrots, water melons and other airy motifs had left always a big impression.

Currently, you can certainly say that the style is experiencing a new phase of strong. This is to thank, including vendors such as Zara Home . Vibrant colours and exotic designs are combined to create a lush vignette like this below.

Vibrant colours and exotic designs

cool interior design ideas of living trends 2014 outdoor terrace geometric pattern Eppich

…und again a summery and fabulous picture of Zara home.

Note also the lively shades and the jute cushions

cool interior design ideas of living trends 2014 outdoor tropical motifs by the pool

But not so fast we say goodbye by Zara home. One must say that the designer shows a really stylish approach to tropical patterns. This also applies to the jungle pillow, which you can watch below.

You can see flamingos, fruits and vegetation there. These are the key players of this pattern

cool color trends of home trends 2014 home design ideas trend colors

The new Chevron pattern

Have you noticed how much we love Chevron pattern on Freshideen? In this year many such appear. They are found mainly in black and white and grey. These images definitely needed an update. Through a little tinting it has fixed it here, to go more in the direction of retro.

The large Chevron table from West Elm shows exactly how to look so an edit. The patterns on the sides and the tops to be applied and a three-dimensional seem to reach Dekolook.

Cool Chevron pattern

cool interior design ideas of living trends 2014 Chevron pattern floor lamp

The Chevron pattern are monochromatic, this creates “Retro meets modernity” look. Very well succeed, if the wood grain is involved. The grain of the wood piece is also in the form of Chevron patterns. This is to thank the Walnussveneer for. The frame has been running in chocolate.

Brass is back in! It represents the cream Dove of the cake!

cool interior design ideas of living trends 2014 Chevron pattern wood sideboard grain

Here we see a stylish bedroom set by Chevron Queen bed. This and the night table with Chevron patterns are the company of Crate and barrel.

Home trends 2014 in the bedroom

home trends 2014 Chevron pattern headboard wood nightstand grain

The association with the 70s and 80s makes inevitable the thin strips and the way in which they are bent. The angle comes from two directions, making the pattern super fashionable.

Compact hanging lamps

Hanging lamps aren’t representing very important elements in terms of design? Thanks to gifted designers such as Tom Dixon. But this season, small pendants are just as popular as the big. Their minimalist design is particularly strong.

Hang this alone or in groups. Forget not your great appearance!

home trends 2014 lighting pendant luminaires designer lights

This tinted pendant of the company Onefortythree includes twisted cords. The colored pendant comes from this company. It is great in its simplicity and features a powder-coated base.  You can get them in great nuances such as military green, aqua blue and orange-red.

Colorful designer lamps

home trends 2014 lighting pendant lights colored color trends 2014

I admire the rock marble pendant of the CB2’s company for a long time. She is very slim in its stone form. Our favorite activity is to observe their alternating effect with different light bulbs.

Below we see the hanging lamps with a spiral light bulb. There is another version with polished light bulb. A very interesting juxtaposition of styles, isn’t it?

Pendant luminaires in a country house style

home trends 2014 lighting pendant lights designer lighting rustic cottage-style

The rope and knot light from CAMP fee is made of Tin and linen rope. There’s something very hard in this piece. It follows the current trend to the materials by simple shapes come certainly.

Rope and knot light camp

home trends 2014 lighting pendant lights rustic country-style cable copper

The industrial glass lamp from West Elm is very small. It shows a Konussform and this brings the shape of frosted glass right to bear. She looks good alone as described below or in groups.

home trends 2014 lighting pendant luminaires pastel of color trends 2014


At the end we want to introduce some of our Lieblingsdesigntrends. Our focus is on the plants. It is exciting to see that plants in the Interior and exterior design play an increasingly important role.

cool trends of housing environmentally friendly plants plants stand modern

Certainly, they have always been an essential meaning, new pots and plant containers are an additional reason to enjoy it. This stand made of iron is offered at FERM LIVING. It provides the perfect base for flower containers and plants of your choice.

Certainly contribute to a strong statement Succulents

current living trends eco-friendly balcony plants plants container

Add a lively box of color with this Carnival mini plant pots from Crate and barrel. To show a striking presence, whose two clay-Earth shades. Again, we see the power of Succulents. In this case, they are emphasized by the contrast shades of flower pots.

Personalize the green with the chalk-board plant container of company West Elm. The surface of this terracotta pots from which constitutes perfect canvases for words or images. Soon, certainly a few geometric patterns are attached.

current living trends eco-friendly balcony plants plants container trend colors

Have the ideas of today enjoyed? We wish you a lively and stylish summer.