Flat In The City Centre – A Yo! Home Apartment

Posted on Apr 09, 2013

town center apartment yo home space-saving kitchen living room

Flat in the City Centre – new concept for flexible living

The population continues to grow at an alarming speed. It is feared that the reasonable accommodation is a constant topic of discussion. The urbanization of the people is a fact, a growing number of people from foreign regions come in the major cities and town in search of better work employment and better quality of life. These urban areas struggling to accommodate a large number of people, new apartments have developed faster than ever before. Are to make the most of the available space in the city centers, urban planners, builders and architects sought to build many new apartments, which means small land, our homes are getting smaller and smaller with each year that passes. To address this lack of space in apartments in the city centre, which has a entrepreneur and millionaire daily, Simon Woodroffe, founder of yo! Sushi and Yotel, a new concept for flexible living.

Flat in the city centre of yo! Home – an intelligently designed and sophisticated living space

apartment In the city centre yo home living room bedroom

Yo! Home is a revolutionary and pioneering residential concept that was launched at 100% Design London in September 2012 in the life. With 300 000 pounds of his own money Woodroffe has the prototype created – an intelligently designed and thought out living space, in which it has integrated much of the modern technologies such as yachting and automotive design and the mechanics of the theatrical stage. 80 sqm floor space – a standard one-bedroom apartment there are plenty of luxury in the spacious living room.

Pull on one wall and a button opens the floor and the room changes: a master bedroom with bathroom, a bedroom, a sunken living room, a cinema, a dining room, an Office in full size, a kitchen, a breakfast room, a bath and Spa, party room, a wine cellar and more hidden storage are now to the fore.

By night – stylishly designed bedrooms

apartment In the city centre yo home bedroom space-saving

Simon Woodroffe what says about his new project: “there is nothing wrong in the way we live, and many will live on for many years. But for some who want the best out of life – let them work the living areas for us. Let small and medium-sized facilities such as large and appear very large. First of all for the pure logic, secondly because it’s fun to have plenty of room to life”:

During the day – luxury living room

apartment In the city centre yo home living area

What inspired you to this project?

Japan is a big influence on me, of course. I love this country and call it the last undiscovered secret of the East. Not so many people have been there or not, outside of Tokyo and major cities. I was inspired walls of the Japanese Shoji, the simplicity in the use of space, the Japanese, and by the way, how you organize things. I think it’s great and accept it as normal.

For which target group is the project intended?

I say briefly: for those who are young in the heart. But to more concrete to be singles or husbands, who work in the city during the week and also for the family occasionally, for trendy working couples, young professionals with the same concept and for operators and buyers.

Built-in cabinets and shelves that fit both to the bedroom to the living room

Town Center apartment yo home space-saving built-in wardrobes

With so much built-in mechanism in a yo! Home, is it safe for families with small children?

When the electricity was invented, the same question was asked. The solutions are always in detail and we are fortunate to live where more and more reliable solutions for the safety of children are found in a time of technologies.

Luxury rooms on two floors

Apartment In the city centre yo home living room

What happens if the mechanism fails?

Counterweights are outstanding, they take care of everything. I can lift the bed mechanism for the ceiling with your hand, and if the power goes out, all I have to do is to go to bed.

When and where is a yo! Home reality be?

I expect that the first yo! Homes will be built in the next few years. We rather than the first site announced yet, we do this, when the first apartments are finished.

Would in a yo! Live House in future?

I’m certainly in a yo! Home living, but hopefully in more than one, whether that will be in New York, Sao Paolo, Tokyo or Manila, still not sure I’m there but the yo! Home is perfect for my lifestyle, because I travel a lot.

If the bedroom comes down, the living room is closed

apartment In the city centre yo home living room bedroom space-saving

Workplace and bed in one

Town Center apartment yo home space-saving Desk workspace

Innovative, stylish folding bed

Town Center apartment yo home space-saving bed nursery

Practical designer furniture

city centre apartment yo home space-saving storage

Hidden, elegant kitchen in red

Town Center apartment yo home space-saving kitchen red hiddenIm floor hidden minibar

Town Center apartment yo home space-saving wine cellar

Dining area built in the ground

apartment In the city centre yo home dining area space

If the dining room is made to

apartment In the city centre yo home kitchen spaceSo looks the living area completely empty

apartment In the city centre yo home living space-saving

Lovely, compact bathroom

Town Center apartment yo home space-saving bathroom toilet

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