Floating Bed – Playful Coziness With A Romantic Touch

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floating bed Gängende metal construction loft

Floating bed: necessity and pleasure in the modern interior design

Floating bed, swing, hammock – these are all things in the garden, ensuring peace, serenity and harmony. This one has tried often to combine these in the design in recent years. There are models which it to map not just is what it is, since these hybrids are.

So, what is a floating bed? This is a floating structure, on which you can lie and even sleep. Today we will present some fascinating solutions of this kind. Many are in accordance with the season, meant for outdoor use have been.

Zen mood

Floating bed Zen Garden pond water lilies

Here we have a gorgeous floating bed which is a symbol of serenity and relaxation. It has including a green carpet of MOSS and a decorative Lake. A noble and certainly super healthy dinner can be served right next to it.


Floating bed Indian bed hanging

Here is the first hybrid today. It’s a mixture of Indian and floating bed. Some people can be in it at the same time relax and fulfill her childhood dream.

Noble floating bed

Suspended floating bed mattress cushion ropes

Now we come to something, what the mood of a romantic bedroom which has been thought for two people can certainly benefit. Slightly above the ground hanging, minimalist, original and with a distinctive Designer design, this can be the floating bed par excellence for many people.

Something for the guest room

Floating bed metal ropes hanging construction

Would you equip a narrow space such as bed and breakfast? But certainly you want to keep patrons despite the complicated circumstances stay unforgettable and unique? Why integrate not a great floating beds. In a simple form, this can spread a unique and distinctive mood.

Double bed with a floating double level

Floating bed two storey wood frame

Double beds have many different concepts. You also benefit from the ideas of other types of models. Here we have an upper level that was rebuilt as a floating bed.

Noble and rustic

Floating bed ropes crocheted white ceiling planks

This solution is elegant and rustic in a very modern way. It uses the contrast between the rough appearing construction non-long bar and the snow-white cuddly textures, with which it was decorated.

Minimalism on the porch

Floating bed terrace metal chains

Here we have a snippet which suggests a super modern architecture concept. This seems to put on the seamless connection between inside and outside. It seems to float the level of the tree canopy in the forest. So children breathe life with fullest!

Floating bed that seems to fall from the ceiling

We have heard of an out – and folding bed. What is it for a modern mechanism because, here you go? The bed is hidden in the ceiling. After its opening can you didn’t float wonderfully so?

Floating bed on the wall

Floating bed bedroom modern design

This is a very modern and popular design currently. Here is the floating bed on the wall. So, everything in the room is airy and open.

Floating bed in the industrial style house and veranda

Floating bed metal chains ropes wooden planks white linen

In the end, we have two examples, with minimalist, industrial look. As you can clearly see, this relates to a concept that is wonderfully stands in an Interior, but also on a porch!

Relax in good company

Floating bed covered terrace

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