Floor Furnishing Ideas And Modern Wall Decoration

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set up design Orange hanger dresses floor

How do you find the topic today? Are you curious? Our modern houses represent a blend of rustic and Scandinavian design

In addition to these characteristics, they have a common feature: they all bring elegant lines to use, that are very common in these days.

And Yes, they all have the usual storage space with hoes and glove boxes in the entrance hall. But they are much more comfortable because of their seamless look.

So, this hallway furnishing ideas are usually right at the entrance. This is especially important in regions where winter is mushy or there are many rainy days. Guests and family members leave their dirty shoes and even jackets there. So, the rest of the House will be clean.

I think that it is enough with the words slowly. Are now ready to check the images below.

Refuge in the mountains – floor Einrichtungsideenfloor set up figures window light

Even the murals can embellish this room. Yes, if the lobby is so beautifully decorated like this here is you definitely afraid to bring in dirt.

Ante-room and family entrance from the garage

floor set figures staircase House

Here we see a contemporary lobby with an oval Bank on the column. A nice idea, or?

Martis camp apartment 43

hallway set up figures wood cabinet built a

If you want to have a clean entrance, this is a very good idea. You can equip the cabinets with doors, rather than to decide again on the solution with the drawers.

Leschi renewal

set up design Orange hanger dresses floor

Especially painting the walls can completely convert the mood in your room.

Haus am see

set design floor Bank seating

They used one of the shades of Benjamin Moore here. It has the name “White Dove”. Together with the glue stone tiles, she looks fabulous.

Organic modernism

furnishing ideas floor traditional design

You can see a stylish and creative mix of materials here, to get more warmth and character in the modern rooms.

Kitchen P

floor interior design ideas modern colour design

The right proportions in this area contribute to the modern look.

DC garage features an anteroom

hallway furnishing ideas dresses tiles flooring

In addition to coats and shoes can accommodate also toys for outdoor use.

And yet a vestibule with storage options…

floor interior design ideas modern colors

All of Freshideen team fell in the accent color and the pattern of this storage space.

And still another vestibule with storage options…

hallway furnishing ideas carpet

Stripes are everywhere here in the room and that makes it great for relaxation.

Renovation Redoux dirt room…

hallway furnishing ideas art design

It has to do with a white base with white cubes. So everything in the right place will be…

… Easily accessible storage space

floor interior design ideas kids dresses satchel

Here you can experience a quite modern look. The use of grey makes it look good in the elegant Cabinet.

… Storage space…

hallway furnishing ideas shelves drawers

Yes, you have to do here with lots of chopping and drawers. You can here also quite good baskets for housing thing integrate.


hallway furnishing ideas solid wardrobe

The whole House has been renovated and the anteroom of course also.

Providing the individual storage units with name makes things much organized

hallway furnishing ideas hanger

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