Flowering House Plants – Coloured Decoration Ideas With Plant Species, The Flowering

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indoor plants flowering potted white hyacinths Amaryllis Knight star

Flowering house plants – pictures and interesting plant species

If you want to decorate your home original and at the same time, you put on a lively decoration with flowering houseplants. They create a fresh, relaxed atmosphere just like the plants, but they still colored accents and can combine well with the color scheme of the Interior. Check our list of 25 flowering pot plants!

The Calamondin orange blossoms but not, but has fruits instead of flowers and puts fresh color accents in the atmosphere. She is an exotic citrus, which gives a special charm to the Interior and therefore to our favorite houseplant, blooming is one of the Calamondinbaum.

Citrus – Calamondinbaum with fruits

blooming houseplants Citrofortunella Microcarpamodel Calamondinbaum

Combine room foliage plants and potted plants with flowers and create a diverse, vibrant decoration. Flowering indoor plants are usually small and can put a great contrast, by out indoor Palm plants in the living room. Consider different variants and decorate your home with the flowers that you are close to the heart. You can find some of those too. Take a look and leave a comment if you are especially interested in one of the plants.

Scarlet Klivie – a beautiful house plant with beautiful flowers in Orange

indoor plants flowering Clivia Miniata Scharlach Klivie pot plants

Aeschynanthus radicans, lipstick plant

potted plant plant flowering houseplants Aeschynanthus Radicans lipstick

This beautiful flower is called spurge

flowering houseplants Euphorbia Milli potted plant Euphorbia potted plant

Guzmania Lingulata

flowering houseplants Guzmania Lingulata

Begonia Semper Floren – all Begonia species are perfectly suited for indoor plants

flowering houseplants of Begonia semperflorens Begonia Schiefblatt

Justicia brandegeeana, shrimp plant

flowering houseplants Justicia Brandegeeana shrimp plant pot plant

Nematanthus-GuppY plant

flowering houseplants of Nematanthus GuppY plant

Ixora coccinea

flowering houseplants Ixora coccinea

Begonia coccinea

blooming houseplants Begonia coccinea Begonia Schiefblatt

Pelargonium – beautiful purple flowering

flowering indoor plants Pelargonium potted plant

Porphyrocoma pohliana

flowering houseplants Porphyrocoma Pohliana

Rieger Begonia with yellow flowers

flowering houseplants Rieger Begonia Begonia Schiefblatt

Sinningia speciosa, Gloxinie

flowering houseplants Sinningia Speciosa Gloxinie potted plant

Aechmea faciata, Lance rose

flowering houseplants Aechmea Faciata Lanze rosette care

Abutilon, Schön Mallow

indoor plants blooming Abutilon Saeed Malve potted plants

Anthurium, Flamingo flower – one of the most beautiful flowering houseplants

indoor plants flowering Anthurium Flamingo flower pot plants

The beauty of the flowering hibiscus

indoor plants flowering hibiscus potted plants

White Jasmine

indoor plants blooming Jasminum Jasmin potted plants

Streptocarpus, turning fruit

flowering houseplants Streptocarpus Rotary fruit pot plants

Oxalis, wood sorrel

flowering houseplants oxalis PES-Caprae potted plants

Saintpaulia ionantha, African violets

flowering houseplants Saintpaulia Ionantha African violets pot plants

Christmas Cactus

flowering houseplants Schumbergera Christmas Cactus

Single sheet

flowers indoor plants spathiphyllum single potted plants

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