Free Room Planner – Planoplan, The Ultamative 3D Planner

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free room Planner Planoplan 3d interior design kitchen kitchen island

Planoplan is a free room Planner

Planoplan is a free online service for spatial planning, with the floor plans and rooms furnishing concepts can be created easily. High-quality 3D visualisations of rooms and interiors are online generated on the server side.

The 3D room Planner to work on the platform of Unity (game engine) and offers the possibility of integration of ready-made objects with oculus rift and virtual 3D-Rundgänge through the decorated rooms as level art service.

With Planoplan, projecting and design

free room Planner 3d Planoplan

Planoplan enables the construction of three-dimensional spaces to any floor plans. You can online virtually plan your room and set up, move furniture, change the Коnfiguration of pieces of furniture. All materials, colors and surfaces, such as floor coverings, wallpaper, paneling or stucco can be the liking for selected and changed. Render quality from every angle can be created. Also, an automated system for the calculation of all materials necessary for the realization of the project and furniture is implemented in the service.

What makes Planoplan possible?

free room Planner Planoplan 3d visualization living room wall decoration

Both simple user and professional designer and space Planner can work on 3D visualization of spaces and interiors in the service.

Professional projects

free room Planner 3d Planoplan café bar design

Restaurants, cafés and bars are planning

free room Planner 3d Planoplan object room restaurant set up project

The catalog is in two main categories – construction elements and furnishings (furniture, household appliances, etc.) – split. There are more than 1200 furnishings and over 800 construction materials and surface textures. The possibility to complement the Interior with “emotional” elements, such as characters, pets, books, curios or room decorations.

Go into detail

free room Planner 3d Planoplan designer interior ideas

Detailed design open plan living room

free room Planner Planoplan kitchen Planner 3d

Planoplan offers the possibility of creating objects with any contours: curved walls in the rooms, curved doors, wall openings and skirting boards, wave-shaped ceiling at several levels, any walkways, platforms, beams, etc.

Children’s room with Planoplan set up

Planoplan of free room Planner 3d online nursery design

According to the coordinates of the apartment and the time of day, Planoplan can automatically calculate the location of the Sun and change the exposure in the room.

Folding blinds provide in the work room

study design with Planoplan of free room Planner 3d interior design

Planoplan operates according to the principle of freemium: all the basic features are free of charge for private individuals. The extension of the functionality is not included, include: additional disk space for projects (for free, there is space for 3 projects); Additional functions for the calculation of lighting and exposure. Representation of areas with low walls – functions, which are necessary for professional designers for the creation of high-quality rendering to the necessary extent and professional quality.

The right color for your living room

free room Planner Planoplan 3d interior design living room design

Virtual try bedroom ideas

free room Planner Planoplan 3d interior design bedroom ideas

In addition to the creation of 2D and 3D images, Planoplan can be used to create isometric projections, animations, interactive 3D presentations or stereoscopic images.

As a professional plan

free room Planner 3d Planoplan interior design ideas

In the housing, real estate, and building material retailers, Planoplan can be used by companies for automating the creation of presentations, image material or interactive Web applications.

Minimum system requirements:

Processor: Intel 1.8 GHz

Graphics card: 512 MB VRAM, DirectX 9 compatible


Operating system: Windows XP, Mac OS 10.5

Recommended system requirements:

Processor: Intel Core i5 or higher

Graphics card: 2 GB of video memory, DirectX 11-compatible


Operating system: Windows 7, MacOS 10.9

3D visualization with Planoplan

architecture and design of free room Planner 3d Planoplan house design

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