Friendly Rooms For Real Men – 12 Practical Tips For Interior Design

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friendly rooms for real men smooth shapes and colors

Friendly rooms for real men – 12 practical tips for interior design

The decoration of the spaces intended for men can be a very tricky business. While you got to respect the individuality of each one. Only in this case, the design is really professional.

We want to look at a few examples of spaces designed for one or two men?

1. you find the perfect Chair

Each person needs this perfect place where he can sit up and read a book. You can watch a movie there or simply drink a glass of Scotch.

In the picture we see Edwin Pelser on his emerald-green Chair

friendly rooms for real men a Toller of green Chair

This is his favorite chair, he has inherited these to his grandmother.

2. define your space surreal accents

It can be this a painting or a sculpture.

Or maybe you want to escape from the stress of a wallpaper with a forest

friendly rooms for real men comfortable spacious sofa large led TV

Any object that falls out of the frame, will give the House a strange character.

3. set to the large objects

Nothing will cause more cheerful heart beats as an oversized lighting. If you put in this regard to the size, even the minimalist objects will make a big impression.

Minimalist and oversized

friendly rooms for real hubby elegant chairs and oversized pendant lamps in black

4. you put a TV in the lobby

The men love the porches and lobbies. In the figure below you can see this.

This room here was carried out in upscale stylish colours and in the context of this, the yellow furniture play the role of a fishing point

friendly rooms for real men of minimalist design of Canary recliner and stool

5. more Romance in the bedroom

Most men have this ability not by nature. You must teach them the proper rules. You get the extra items, you concentrate on the convenient design of the bed, the wall color, furniture, and much more.

Cuddly soft floor carpet and elegant bed

friendly rooms for right men with leather padded spacious bed

6 you do something extraordinary

You can get more momentum through a more abstract thinking.

So a simple attic can be transforms into something memorable by Gutman + teacher

friendly rooms for real men ultra modern design

How abstract, do you? What’s a gallery with pictures of the most beautiful cities in your opinion on the ceiling?

7 set to functionality

This is a typical male. There is no man in this world who would enjoy not the design shown in the image below.

Convertible double bed in cobalt – sophisticated, efficient solution

friendly rooms for real men cobalt blue wardrobe bed

8 you will find space for a plant

In addition to the subtle colors like black, white and gray, a plant can make a wonderful Green accent of the freshness. There are many easy house plants.

The most important is the regular ventilation

friendly rooms for real men sitting area panorama window and arc lamp

9 you say “Cheers”

A bar corner home is wonderful for entertaining there. This is a definitely male element in the budget.

The favorite beer Hall – quite luxuriously at home

friendly rooms for real men retro pub establishment of dark wood and red leather

10 you build something

Every man should have built a piece at least with his own hands.

So proud read homemade desk

friendly rooms for real men reading room desk with modernist design

11 you should build its own small workshop

Many studies have demonstrated the positive impact of the work with their own hands for the relief from the stress.

That’s why love’s men in the garage probably time to spend

friendly rooms for real men study metal cabinets and smooth wooden planks

12 make a man room

With this point, I would like to conclude today’s contribution like. The room helps for the self-determination and the positive self-perception. If you want to feel as a real man, needs to look mostly a room to drink with friends and football, or not?

Here, it feels almost like a star

friendly rooms for real men lounge ambience Zebra fur carpet leather sofas

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