FROM Top To Bottom: 10 Beautiful Ideas For Curtains As Partition Wall In The Interior

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curtains to divide the Interior Armstrong

FROM top to bottom: 10 curtains as partition wall in the Interior

Creativity plays a particularly important role in small spaces. There you must be divided stylish and enveloping the room in different areas.

The curtains are very important also because of some peculiarities of modern design. In the more modern design, open plans for the living areas are preferred. In a room, kitchen, living and dining area are sometimes combined. Now, that’s why the elaborate curtains and other hanging structures are particularly important, because they provide structure and design a privacy.

Enter the world of curtains separating space! In the modern living space, have mostly a dual function: serve as a boundary of the different areas and are at the same time captivating works of art.

The ceiling-mounted partition by Studio M

curtains to divide the Interior wood corner sofa black

The curtains give the feeling one for private sector, without permanently changing the given architectural form.

Especially for people with a preference for an airy, freer atmosphere, the curtains are a wonderful solution. Now therefore we, to some of the finest examples in front, we have found. Whose forms are varied, sometimes organic and sometimes very playful about in the form of Cadiz shell discs. The decorations are also very creative. We have often to do with precision-cut patterns and, in other cases – with geometric shapes on the latest.

Have we inspired you to create a little separation in your room? Viewing the examples for even more ideas below!

Until dawn curtain of ArTecnica

Curtains to divide the Interior flower pattern Artecnica

curtains as partition wall In the Interior light Mireille Meijs faceted light installation by Mireille Meijs

Partition made of bamboo fusion Homestore curtains as partition wall In the interior pattern bamboo home store

Hanging disk partition of the Bangalore snob

curtains to divide the Interior round white circle

Hexagonal-patterned room divider by Hiroshi Tsunoda

curtains to divide the interior pattern Hiroshi Tsunoda

The hanging bookcase and room divider at the same time

curtains as partition wall In the interior room divider Bookwelle

Capiz curtain of shells by Martha Stewart

curtains as partition inside the wood Setup

Hanging wall of MoMAcurtains as partition wall In the interior fabric MoMA

The Bookwave hanging shelf and room divider

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