Fur Carpet, Fireplace… Must The Winter Actually Way?

Editor   March 12, 2015   Comments Off on Fur Carpet, Fireplace… Must The Winter Actually Way?

fur carpet round wood table plants

Fur carpet will help the interior design to appear comfortable

Winter is really beautiful, if you prepared well enough that is. The latter must cost not much effort. The secret is to focus on the right details. The winter is not quite over. Some cool days await us. Also in the spring. You can enjoy the warmth of winter is still on the fireplace.

Plant to combine with fur carpet, looks gorgeous

fur carpet living room plants range furniture

Fire and fireplace in the white ambiance

cozy living room set up round coffee table fireplace

Lighter fur carpet on dark ground

fur carpet living room ceiling darker floor

The fur rug combines great with the pendant luminaires

fur carpet rustic table drop light/pendant

The power of fire

Candles are on hand to ensure that you feel more comfortable just at their sight. Distribute them to all possible places at home. They fit almost anywhere-on surfaces, especially on the coffee and side tables in the living room. You must be careful at their distribution on the security. You must be careful with the surrounding objects so this creates a fire hazard.

Candles on rustic coffee table

living room design cozy candles white sofas bright curtains

Candles and flowers are a wonderful aesthetic combination

interior design ideas living room decorating candles flowers

Comfort in the living room

living room cozy figures fireplace luxurious sofa

Candles and a fireplace in the living room

living room set up fireplace candles plants

But if you do it right and you well enough and in sufficient quantities, distribute the candles, then you can enjoy the beauty of the fire without a fireplace.

Fur, fur and even more fur

Fur Carpet and other accessories of this type are very important for our wellbeing on cold days. In such a manner, the coat serves our bodies in the interior design. You can reach not only physical warmth, but also a lot of romance by the fur in the interior design.

The white carpet great corresponds with the yellow sofa. This is a fresh Interior solution

cozy living room set white carpet yellow sofa

Light grey sofa and white living room carpet

living room set up decorating ceiling white carpet

If it’s too bad you to the animals or the issues can be found not justified, then drag the artificial solutions to consider. There are a number of those who feel just as cozy and comfortable.

Knitted fabrics

What’s out with a winter clothing, consisting of warm boots and knit dress? Many women succeed in this manner to look really chic even on the coldest winter days. The same principle can be brought for use in interior design. Clean lines and neutral shades can be wonderfully mate with knitted blankets. These solutions are so cozy to the touch as well as to look at.

Yellow accents in the living room Interior

cozy living room set up fireplace blanket cushion

Stylish living room furnishings, which is at the same time comfortable enough

hide carpet white ceiling living room fireplace wall mirror

A beautiful combination of colors are light green and white

fur carpet elegant living room flowers picture

Cow hide rug in the living room

fur carpet living room oval coffee table black sofa

Create a cosy ambience

fur carpet living room set up light blue sofa

For more comfort in front of the fireplace, lay out a carpet

living room set up fireplace rug stool

Elegant living room furniture

cozy living room set up fireplace ceiling white sofas

A coloured Interior

fur carpet leather chair open shelves

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