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What interior design ideas don’t work out?

The creativity has a shadow side as all things. Today, we will discuss this in the context of Interior Design.  While creativity is always recommended. However, there are some things that just don’t look good or at home contribute to a sense of disharmonious. We want to explain the latter like with some examples and beautiful Setup examples.

The nursery set up

furnishing ideas nursery design wardrobes Chronicly

Living room furnishings

interior design ideas living room of open living plan fireplace

Too far apart to place furniture in the living room

You do everything possible in order to have more space within a room. But if you find out at once, you need to shout across the room together to communicate, then you have done something wrong. In principle, you create by putting the sofa slightly in front of the wall, the sense of perspective. So the room is just bigger.

Properly arrange the furniture

apartment design ideas flowers coffee table Brown accent wall

Leave enough free space

interior design ideas living room fireplace Center

Inappropriate facility for the floor plan of the room

The room in a room must be regarded as a landscape. It has just its advantages and disadvantages. Their Interior design ideas should emphasise this, or compensate for. If you do not, then a sense of disharmony is created and you have made the best out of the room. Let’s give an example with the light. If you perfectly accommodate a job from an ergonomic point of view, but you get no natural light, and against a naked wall demotivierende schauen-what the point?

Create coziness matching lighting

interior design ideas living room chandelier recessed plant

Warm shades and comfort

apartment design ideas living room red carpet beige curtains cushion

Neglect the practical aspect

Especially in kitchens and dining rooms, you get especially strong feeling the effect of such premises. They found space for all processes, but you feel restricted when cutting and cooking and hits all the time against something. So you really practically consider how the processes will be during the day. Think everything anew through so that in practice all slip.

Quietly perform the daily work in the kitchen

apartment design ideas kitchen beams stool white furniture

Properly equip the dining room

furnishing ideas of fancy chandelier lamp shade round table plant

Neglect the balance

There are different ways how to poised to distribute the pieces of furniture in a room. Some read several articles about it, others experiment, however, with the change of the furniture items, until they feel that everything has been absolutely harmoniously distributed. As you always do, you should have the feeling at the end of the process that all in a perfect balance to each other is.

Modern living room, that at the same time also cozy and warm

apartment design ideas fresh interior living room

Create fresh atmosphere in the living room

apartment design ideas living room white furnishings

The way interlock

In the room you feel good, when you can move freely. Their apartment design ideas are only good if they do not interlock one the way.

Provide a spacious interior

furnishing ideas spacious living room plants white carpet

Restrict the functionality of furniture

Some people position the furniture so that their functionality will be folded. It happens especially with the closets. Make sure that the various cabinets and they easily can open.

Arrange the nursery by functional pieces of furniture

furnishing ideas children's spacious interior blue accent wall

Compact and comfortable pieces of furniture set

apartment design ideas kids room small room bunk bed

Suitable to make the small space

apartment design ideas of small nursery

Not optimally used lamps

The main lighting system must be in the middle of the room. Otherwise, the light distribution is simply not effective enough. The working and functional lamps serve the specific purposes and the lighting very dark spots.

Great chandelier in the center of the room

interior design ideas of open living plan chandelier

Boring views

The creation of the headquarters, you should be able to enjoy great prospects. This may be a fireplace, or but a wonderful perspective on the window. If the latter are not there, then you would prefer a great mural.

Living room with harmonic radiation

interior design ideas living room design chandelier sconces of white carpet

Blue and white combine for a bright atmosphere

apartment design ideas living room white blue fireplace

Make bright spacious living room

interior design ideas living room sofa Red Chair

Create harmonious and modern bedroom design

apartment design ideas bedroom set

Nature-oriented living room Interior

apartment design ideas green wall color natural

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