Furniture Trend 2016 – Bring Nature Home!

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Furniture trend 2016 – more natural comfort with Riviera Maison

The new trends of the last years are characterized by a very smooth transition. You seem to bring more nostalgic memories of old fashion trends. In addition, it is much more of the “integrate to something new” as “Replace the old tendencies”.

It is along trend 2016. Let us also at the furniture look, what are the news and how you cheaply and conveniently take them home.

The back of the recent trends

At first glance seem the current trends that do not combine with those from past years. The new designs are so open and full of life, that they seem almost naïve. They are modern and feature all the nuances of the yellow. However, the grey dominated until a few years ago.

There is talk of two opposites. Is that somehow not perfect? By contrast it, they bring out the own nature even more. So insert the yellow in the nuance you most popular in interior design. So it seems modern, fresh and need no too much investment.

Furniture trend 2016 – comfortable naturalness and serene mood

furniture trend 2016 nature new collection riviera maison stool coffee table standing lamp

Furniture trend 2016 – always smart

Some come talk about a new kind of natural approach in the design this year. This is a careful, discreet. The nature would be more in the form of accents and details to us home. We would put it differently: the integration of natural motifs and patterns are somehow smarter.

You naturally subscribe to the trends. The nature is in various modern constructions in varying degrees. Nature often makes a gentle difference between otherwise similar pieces of furniture.

Cotton, linen, sisal, and rattan – the most popular materials

furniture trend 2016 couch white sand lines reference pillow shabby chic riviera maison

For example, the wood grain only at the edges, and with another – on the whole surface may occur a table display. Customers simply select what best appeals to them and thus bring only as much natural home as it is to them to the heart.

Furniture trend 2016 – put more trust in the brands!

A few years ago, there was a high point of furniture made to measure. Man has used creative ideas from old models, but like hired someone for the individual development. This was necessary for many reasons. First of all, the furniture industry was still not used to unconventional floor plans. Secondly, you wanted to see like mirrored the own attitude and individuality in the furniture and it no longer worked with the usual furniture offers.

Casual beach atmosphere with Riviera Maison

garden furniture bench chest rattan dekokissen riviera maison

As an example of the natural character we have shown apparently producing furniture always smarter. This is caused by slight variations in the production, virtually one and likewise model.

This the good brands gained more importance and trust again. A proof is the popularity of some, such as E.g. Riviera Maison for the fans of exclusive and Mediterranean-looking Interior or yellow furniture in the medium price range.

Natural exclusivity in the dining room

furniture trend 2016 nature trend dining table robust rustic style wine glasses porcelain plate

Make breakfast every day a special experience

riviera maison furniture home accessories dining table tableware breakfast

The warm natural materials harmonious contrast with the cool concrete walls

möbe trend 2016 dining table comfortable chairs of rustic residential style living room dining room riviera maison

St. Malo kitchen Chair rattan by Riviera Maison

Small used wood coffee table

furniture trend 2016 occasional tables coffee table used wooden vintage style riviera maison

Shiny silver and rough wood texture

furniture trend 2016 dining table chairs chandelier art deco riviera maison

Give more comfort with Riviera Maison

living room set up natural wood wall design coffee table sofa Dresser

How about for example a cozy sofa in anthracite?

furniture trend 2016 natural grey sofa cotton fabric riviera maison

Or this comfortable armchairs in beige?

furniture trend 2016 nature upholstered armchair of beige natural trend riviera maison

A sisal rug perfectly to this kind of furniture always

furniture trend 2016 natural wood materials sisal linen cotton living room sofa coffee table riviera maison

Of course the beauty of the wood floor can make openly flaunting

furniture trend 2016 nature trend-new collection riviera maison coffee table wood wood natural white sofa

A sturdy dining table in the rustic style for pleasant evenings in good company

furniture trend 2016 new collection dining table chairs leather riviera maison pendant light

The perfect idea for your home office

furniture trend 2016 riviera maison desk vintage look

Adorable white chest of drawers made of wood

furniture trend 2016 wood kommode do cabinets drawers rustic maison

The trendy style by Riviera Maison just fits to every season

riviera maison coffee table vancouver island Chair sisal carpet

furniture trend 2016 shabby chic style living room coffee table wood sofa riviera maison

You can set up perfectly so the baby room

baby riviera maison wood rattan set up nursery

And how about a rough wash basin made of wood?

basin wood rustic bathroom sink bathroom set up riviera maison

Discover the countless treasures by Riviera Maison

furniture trend 2016 riviera maison furniture store

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