Futurism Art – Minimalism And Hi Tech In The Interior Design

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Futurism art mural circles

Futurismsmus, art and minimalism in the interior design of the new Genration

Not everything is a matter of taste. High technologies increasingly dominate our daily lives and be to something you no longer do without. They are not aimed at the fashion, but they must find their way to those. Because they are inherently chic, original, and unique.

Even with the eclectic, there are certain limits, it can easily exceed. Because very few people like the combination of natural materials and hi tech equipment! But obvious, isn’t it?

That’s why you have the new hi tech combines style, Futurism, minimalism and art. The result is an admirable aesthetics, in which modern man feels simply well and right on the square. It fits wonderfully to the new, modern style of the people of the 21st century. We have a feeling that everything that falls out of this frame, will be sometime soon at other locations in the nature.

Futurism art and hi tech

Futurism art furniture hi tech

Functionality, coupled with futurism, art and minimalism

The main principle on which are based the modern high-tech equipment, is the functionality at the highest level. How smart is the one or other technical equipment, represents the highest criterion for the good choice. Futurism and art come to help as the only form in which you can connect this idea with aesthetics.

Spacious living area with discreet lighting

Futurism art deep pile carpet living room

Futurism was first developed in the architecture. But slowly he finds its place also in all other aspects of the art. Leaving the gadgets look elegant, yet at the same time a bit like from another world. The art of futurism gives the Interior a warm and cosy appearance. Because the technology is cold and not particularly inviting.

Eames Chair and elegant arc lamp

Futurism art Eams Chair arc lamp

The materials of the art of futurism

The Futurism art materials are tech also in line with the hi. Concrete, glass, metal, brick and plastic are often used. It welcomes also elements of industrial style with many Innendesignkonzepten. That makes it possible to the functional details are not hidden, but regards as a part of the appearance. Tubes, air Abführer, faucet parts.

Comfortable seating and minimalist furniture

Futurism art modern seating furniture TV

Wallpaper and many other decorative details, however, have to look for little in this interior design. The room is maximum match the style of the art of futurism, execute everything in cold tones. If the very bare walls not all too much at heart you, then there are appropriate ways to revive them. These are also works of art of futurism, as such pictures in this style or black and white photographs.

Sturdy chrome faucet and spacious kitchen island

Futurism art chrome faucet kitchen island

The colors of the art of futurism in the interior design

The color scheme which is equivalent to the art of futurism in the interior design, is very restrained. It limits itself usually on white, grey and black. Here, the surfaces play a very important role. You need to show bright metallic always a great.

Bright TV room with large sofa

Futurism art living room gray sofa Orange vase

But some designers and owners find boring this approach. You make a lot, to loosen up the whole thing. It enforces bold accents by certain accessories.

In the end, the space, which was designed by the rule of the art of futurism, should work openly. Open to people and their everyday life, open to the new development and the technologies.

Hi Tech, minimalism, and designer furniture

Futurism art hi tech black shelves grey carpet

Round and oval shapes

Futurism art neon lighting round ceiling lamp

Minimalist black furniture in the dining area

Futurism art minimalist dining table plastic chairs

With fine wood in the hallway

Futurism art floor wood flooring

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