Futuristic Residence With Rustic Charm And Has An Excellent Design

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futuristic residence überdimentionierte shiny eggs

Futuristic residence with rustic charm in Florence

Florence was always a center of culture and has remained to this day as a lighthouse for the art and architecture. The imaginative Italian buildings, innovative design and the unyielding spirit of the city have influenced many bright minds. A great example is this futuristic residence. With its luxury and modern elegance it harmonises perfectly with the historic Florentine design with rustic elements. The playful, ultra modern interpretation by Simone Micheli is a unique blend of science fiction and classic Florentine charm.

Smooth design and openness

futuristic residence neon green shelves Cabinet

In this unconventional House fascinating surprises around every corner lurk. While you explore the futuristic Interior, you’ll feel just as entranced. Here, it brought together two small apartments in a traditional building of the 20th century. The spacious, open living area extends on three levels and includes residential, Essbeireich, kitchen and bedroom – buildup and interactively connected.

Fresh accents and optical size

futuristic residence minimalist and straight forward

Noble materials and pleasant light

futuristic residence fur chairs with met ALB

Rustic and modern at the same time

futuristic elegant residence sturdy dining table cylindrical legs and rough wooden plate

Pathways and carefree

futuristic residence Orange accent wall

The mirror surfaces are very characteristic for the interior design of the residence. Cabinets, decoration and even columns are covered with mirrors and ensure in this manner for optical distance and a dazzling appearance. Cleverly placed accents in Steuerwagen and orange refresh the Immaculate white of the House. The oval-shaped edges, the floating shelves with high gloss surfaces in white, as well as the exclusive pieces of furniture give the residence a unique super modern look.

Imaginative and unique

futuristic residence geometric design with large Kubgeln

Classical art and ultra modern design

futuristic elegant residence mirrored walls recessed

Simple and fruity

futuristic residence simple steps from light wood

Cuddly soft minimalism in white

futuristic residence cuddly soft bedspread in white

The fragrant cedar wood dining table and the white painted walls from silicate provide a cosy, rustic atmosphere. The open living room with breathtaking views over Florence serves as additional dose romance.

A surrealist dream

futuristic residence of round wall mirror with blue neon light

Neon and high-gloss

futuristic residence stone walls white painted

A different perspective

futuristic residence high ceiling high gloss white

Oval and narrow

futuristic residence oval cabinets and bright parquet

Unconventional, futuristic and luxurious at the same time the residence is a unique dream home for the visionary lovers of the ultra of modern interior design.

Elegant stair railing with filigree ornaments

futuristic residence filigree metal ornaments on the stair railing

Dignified and discreet already at the entrance

futuristic residence of noble wood doors of grey flooring from granite

The door to a ultra modern fantasy world

futuristic residence of narrow hallway and door

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