German Design Award 2017 – Our TOP 5 Favorites In The Residential Area

It was this year reflected exciting on the German design award

“And the winner is” the prize winners were actually many renowned designers and newcomers this year on the new! At the ceremony of the German design award 2017 at the Messe Frankfurt, l has againa crème de la crème met in terms of “Made in Germany” and international design. The jury has made important decisions and rewarded renowned designers and also newcomers with this internationally recognized award, is considered an undisputed, extraordinary confirmation of their work.

The German design award plays an enormously important role as an indicator of the end customers on the one hand and brings the young designers on the other hand high reputation and a healthy self-confidence. Behind this design award is a highly respected body – the German Design Council, which was founded more than 60 years ago by the first Bundestag and since then is donated by the German industry. It is actually a design culture with a long tradition and solid roots.

2017 german design award made in germany innovation

If you explored the latest trends this year, you realize immediately which direction and develop the new products. You are just more and more sustainable, ergonomic and user friendly. More and more innovative and high-quality materials are developed and deployed in a perfectly functional and sophisticated design.

And although a single product or project in its uniqueness with the others to compare, we would like to introduce today our five Lieblingsdesignkreationen in the residential area and set up, which have won the German design award 2017.

Our 5 top picks in the residential area and set up:

MyFlavour for Eva solo

german design award 2017 myflavour eva solo

This elegant carafe is designed by tools design – for Eva solo Henrik Holbæk and Claus Jensen. It looks not only perfect, but plays a practical role that our senses with the detachable spike in itself. Because you can give the desired flavor the precious, vital wet – our drinking water – namely this. How does that work? Easy. You can attach the pieces of fruit or vegetables on the tables you want, fill the carafe with water and simply insert the full tables complete with lid in the water. Get ready! Healthy and Heavenly tasty – MyFlavour for Eva solo!

Beams Chair

german design award 2017 beams chair golden gate bridge

Unmistakably stylish and perfectly functional – the beams Chair by EAJY DESIGN Studio has been by the designers Yu-chih Chang, Tsuo-Ning Hu and Yu Ruei Jang designed. Its simple and at the same time ingenious design reminiscent of gate this by the world-famous Golden Bridge. It’s the so-called “I beams”, which on the one hand so easily the Chair and on the other hand so sturdy designed. At first glance looks the beams Chair as a mono-block, but is not one. It is actually several wooden parts, linked together. Seating comfort, excellent aesthetics and Premium design quality in one!

Of course, curved, delicate shapes carried “Gold” also for BetteLux shape on the German design award 2017. light of delicate metal constructions, as if floating bathtub and sink in the bathroom. Purist lightness and superior aesthetics. BetteLux shape was designed by Dominik Tesseraux Bette GmbH & co. KG. So a bath, supplemented with the appropriate sinks and bathroom furniture, not only ensures a perfect bathing comfort, but it will create a relaxing oasis in every bathroom.

This renovation project of the four star hotel Cristal Porto in the Centre of the town in Portugal is a clever homage to the traditional Portuguese tiles – the “Azulejos”. Designed by the young designer Sergio Gomes offers the Interior with a balanced combination of minimalism and romantic tradition. Design classics such as the claw foot bathtub and some Art Deco furniture pieces in the room facilities sent integrated and reinterpreted. So, when you next time stay in Porto, Miss not this unique opportunity to stay at the Cristal hotel!

And still some more nominees and excellent products for the German design award:

The Aperi sofa – designed by Julia Bishop and Marcus Keichel