Great Interior Design Ideas For Hello Kitty Fans

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Baby room interior design ideas

Hello Kitty theme in interior design

Christine R. Yano is an anthropologist by profession. She has even communicated before Los Angeles Times, that their opinion Hello Kitty is a cat.

Yes, we say! That’s right! This is just a great figure, the super cool is used for the design of Innenraumen. We have put together a few pictures for you, which try to prove this.

The first is from Yuanlin in Taiwan.  She was selected Hau Sheng for the ceiling of the hospital. It is one of the first people, which the kids deal with in their early age.

Great kids blankets for newborns

Interior design idea themed

The next example, which is nice to fall in love is from Japan. No matter where you sit down and look. Surrounded and embraced it is always by Hello Kitty motifs and furniture, accessories and every possible stuff with such.

Hello Kitty motifs and furniture

Hello Kitty interior design

So great was our surprise as we Hello found Kitty in Japan in the form of bouquets. Do you recognize the persons who represent these three white flowers?

Great arranged bouquet

Fresh flowers in Kitty theme

Do you fancy something sweet? In this pastry shop, you can do this in direct and figurative sense. The village is once again Taiwan and the pastry itself is called Hello Kitty sweets.

Confectionery – confectionery

Konditorai Hello Kitty

But at the other end of the world, you will find many interior design with the same motif. The next example is from Sao Paolo, Brazil. It has created a thematic nursery here. They brought everywhere red, black and white except on the shiny items to use. The person himself is present in the form of some stuffed animals.

Hello Kitty children’s room design

Great interior design in Hello Kitty style

Characters from animated films are something that is becoming increasingly popular within the decorative design. To have a clear theme in the nursery educates this character to make. Still, such figures also bring color combinations with it that are super successful and interesting.

Cool decorative design

Hello Kitty facility

So, you can stand in the center of the entire coloured designs.

Black, red and white is fascinating in combination.

You also find it?

Black, red and white in combination

Hello Kitty bedroom design

Thematic bed decoration

Hello Kitty decoration

Kids bed with lots of stuffed animals

Hello Kitty ornaments

Transitional wall in the shape of Hello Kitty’s face

Hello Kitty interior design ideas

Interior design for kitchen

Hello Kitty kitchen interior design

Cute nursery

Hello Kitty motifs in the interior design

Great bed coatings

Interior design sheets ideas

Living room in Hello Kitty set up

Interior design ideas for living room

Hello Kitty themes for the bathroom

Bathroom interior design with Hello Kitty motifs

Beautiful children’s room

Interior design kids room ideas

Class Setup

Interior design with Hello Kitty motifs

Interesting lighting

Kids room interior design ideas

Desk, typical for a Hello Kitty fan

Desk with Hello Kitty Accessoiars

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