Great Tricks For Decorating Small Spaces – How Can You Bigger Shows Allow

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decoration of small rooms of nautical mood all nuances of blue

Great tricks for decorating small spaces

Small houses and rooms have their appeal – they are very comfortable and inviting. They are better for the environment. And let’s be serious times – sometimes can we afford a little something. There are tricks but decoration, such as a small room can be big.

If the room is small, rooms should have double functions. And you can use best the space so that it meets the two functions well.  For example the living room. So – you turn the television set there. A wall composition attracts the attention here so, that remains the focus not on the TV.

You can hide the TV in a Cabinet or piece of furniture.

In this room the TV behind doors on the fireplace is available – so it’s much better than constantly to look at a big black screen.

decoration of small rooms in pastel green and Sage

The living room in this Studio works as a Home Office. The desk is well integrated into its environment and its surface fit to the others in the room.

The order at the table and the Chair contribute to the illusion by Jordan Parnass digital architecture

decoration of small rooms low furniture comfortable sofa in beige

The memory cube instead of a traditional coffee table can also serve as seating.

No room for a separate Home Office? With a laptop you can have almost everywhere a desk – even at the table next to the sofa, just take a Chair to do this.

Romantic atmosphere with candle lantern and folding table

decoration of small rooms old fashioned candle Lantern great folding table

You should always aim is to use the narrow space for two purposes. Here we have a dining room that serves as a library. It saves space and gives a warm atmosphere.

The magnificent crystal chandeliers is a looker

decoration of small glass and bottles in neon green rooms figured elegant chairs

The room looks bigger if nothing interferes with the eye. In this example, I used a couple couches instead of sofas.

Because the couches have no backrest, the room looks not separated and appear much larger

decoration of small spaces encrusted Ottomans carpet in cream

The same applies to the coffee table. They take visually less space because they are transparent. With these curtains, the room seems to be even higher.

If several functions are performed in a room, you use dear carpets as walls for their separation, which are conspicuous and make the room look smaller.

Modern art and carpet in accordance

decoration of small spaces of beautiful carpet in a turquoise

The built-in furniture pieces take less physical and Visual space than the freestanding. And moreover – they can use the extra storage possibility.

Sea motifs in cobalt blue and high ceiling

decoration of small rooms pastel blue pillow with nautical patterns rowing and crabs

You have no opportunity for a bed and breakfast? Then you think about the possibility for a Murphy bed. Several designs are now available on the market. A good option would be not cheap, but it will be still cheaper than a separate bed and breakfast for a few days each year.

Sophisticated furniture design with plenty of storage space

decoration, small rooms, built-in shelves and TV

A small room is not necessarily smaller pieces of furniture. In this example, we have furniture on the legs as if they float above the floor. You can obviously the room appear larger.

Pastel Green and turquoise freshen up the elegant, modern interiors

decoration of small rooms finely striped carpet of pastel green sofa and turquoise accents

The mirror dissolve the boundaries of space and great reflect light, making the room looks even bigger. Think about whether you hang two mirrors on the opposite sides of the room or make a wall composition.

Extravagant touch hide stools and Leopard print

decoration of small rooms stuffed soft stool and Leopard pillow

Don’t forget the old adage that a little room should be brightly painted. If you make a small room really dark, the corners disappear so that you can no longer see the borders of the area. And dark rooms can be really comfortable. And at the end of the day you must consider again, what is more important to you – that your room appear larger or that it is inviting and cozy?

Petite Chair in pointed shape and unusual arc lamp

decoration of small rooms Raumhohe shelf oversized arc lamp fur carpet

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