Green Wall Designs To The St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s day – at today’s March 17 celebrating people all over the world the Irish national holiday, and the characters are available on green. From Berlin to New York famous landmarks in green light will shine, rivers colored green, and especially euphoric supporters contribute appropriately green clothing.

We also want to make St. Patrick’s day our post and introduce you to our seven favorite wall designs in green.

wanddesign wanddeko clover clover-leaf green

Wall design: Clover

The four-leaf clover is a symbol of happiness and looks to still be beautiful and harmonious. In Ireland, it is also, the clover-leaf attract fairies. What is certain is that you can bring positive energy something with great design in your home.

polygon wanddesign wanddeko green living room ideas

Wall design: Polygon

2016 are both geometric shapes and natural colours, fully in line with the trend. Although this subject not directly related to the St. Patrick day it is connected, but the Green spread definitely good mood and brings life to any room.

wanddesign PEAR green nursery

Wall design: Pear

Even the little ones should have something of the Green joy of life in your home. This sweet PEAR design fits in any nursery and brings you a smile in the face.

ginkgo biloba wanddesign discreet wall decoration

Wall design: Ginkgo biloba

The Ginkgo leaf is a sign of strength and vitality. This particular recording is by the artist Albert Koetsier, which maintains its unique images with the help of X-ray photography.

daisies wanddesign Daisy dining room

Wall design: Daisy

Botanical motifs and designs are currently in vogue and the daisies come just right for spring. Even if you live in the big city, this picture brings the Meadow from out directly in your home.

Belfast wanddesign wall decoration

Wall design: Belfast skyline

What day on St. Patrick’s matching as the skyline of Belfast? The capital city of Northern Ireland is as exciting and diverse as the design itself.

Dublin wanddesign wall design modern skyline

Wall design: Dublin skyline

Rather, are you a fan of Dublin from Belfast? No problem, here comes St. Patrick used each year. The trendy canvas in the street art style is also a real eye-catcher.