Hallway Wall Decoration – The Functional Floor Design

hallway wall decoration set up white painted wood

15 traditional storage spaces

If you have looked at our articles from the last few weeks, then you must have noticed probably we have dedicated quite a lot attention to the topic of “Space”. They are located in different areas of the House.

What’s point actually, wondering that many readers. But the people who live in regions with lots of rain and snowfall, know perfectly well. If you have a room for the wet and dirty shoes and jackets, protecting the rest of the House before the dirt.

So a room such as a barrier between the indoor and outdoor function. On the basis of the function, you can use materials in the “dirt room” as tiles. Sometimes they also have drain inlets.

In other rooms, one has also to do with banks. So, you can take off your shoes in a sitting position. This area is not the actual entrance to the House. Often it is located at the entrance or behind the door. Vestibules are something usual in traditional houses. The examples below will illustrate that.

Clawson architecture projectsHallway mural

hallway wall decoration set up dresses

A family of six lives in this House. In the vestibule there are many storage options so that everything is well organized. Each has its own storage box.

Traditional style at its best

hallway wall decoration set up functional

What a wonderful storage space, not for you? We love the colors that were used. The great light was purchased from the company Galaxy lighting.

Properly set up

wall decoration floor set up shelves

Quartz floor is placed in storage space used. There are also storage boxes, hooks, drawers and also a bank.

Union Hill residence

hallway wall decoration set up open shelves

Here, one has added plants to the area. This has proved a great method for the realm of the Interior ambience.

Massachusetts country house

wall decoration floor set up hanger

White walls write seamlessly in this entrance hall with wooden benches. Under the bench, there is enough space to place the shoes on a tray.


hallway wall decoration set up wood panel

Here we see a traditional room in rustic style. It was built so that one here washes before going into the room in.

Hampton of in the country

mural hallway set up carpet flooring

Here we see a storage room on the second floor. In this House, the living area is located on the second floor.

Maßgerfertugter colonial style

wall decoration floor set up traditional figures

It is important that you have enough room to keep the items in order. You must ensure that the storage space is not messy.

Hustle water renovation

wall decoration floor set up daylight entrance

This storage represents a supplement to a family house with large hub doors. Notice you especially the lights here!

Renewal in the North Wilmington, Delaware

wall decoration floor set up curtains window

Here we see a storage room with marble floors. He was installed in herringbone pattern. This includes window seats, storage boxes, cupboards and worktop.

C 1760 Cape

hallway wall decoration set up children's dresses hanging

The colored shoes and cloaks provide much good mood in this room. Obviously, there are many children in the family.

Cetral Street dirt room

hallway wall decoration set stool

The maßgearbeiteten Chambers here from the firm Wonder Land homes were designed. Premier custom built has built them. We love very much like to here the washer and the dryer. You can hide them by the door.

Deep valley Gebrigshaus

mural hallway set up dark lacquered wood

Here, they combined the rural look with natural slate tiles for the floor and the walls.

2012 showcase home

hallway wall decoration set up shoes

Here, it has added a flag as a wall decoration. So, you can great spice up the dirt space and expressing also the patriotism or the preference for a country, soccer team, or else a club.


hallway wall decoration set up hanger ambience

Benjamin Moore’s beige plays a fundamental role for the character of the area. Nice, or? Not good look with the Green wood panels?

Try to understand the images and to internalize the message. Then you will be now able, to understand such spaces and their elements and to use. Have you noticed that some drawers have also hacking? You can hang things up so there.

Now it is time to identify exactly your own needs and to equip your storage according to it.